Help evoking a demon

Hello, I am Dameon (literally) anyhow, I wanna would like to summon Sallos, not sure how to go about it. I am fairly new to this and have never summoned a demon. I want to summon him in order to get my ex girlfriend back and away from the weirdo she’s with now. Yes I have thought about is it worth it so please don’t give me those answers. She is worth my soul, and the payment Sallos wants from me. No matter what that might be (hopefully someone can tell me) I want to summon Sallos in a way that will not make Sallos angry. The outcome I want is clear in my eyes, I’m not sure if Sallos can be used for game/fortune as well? Anyhow please respond, and give me good answers. Thank you fellow sociopaths/psychopaths/schitzoz or whatever ya are.

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