Sigils as jewelry?

If I wear the sigil of a demon, will I become closer to them or reap any benefits whatsoever of wearing a sigil around my neck?


Being closer to a being requires work and forming a relationship of some kind with them, just like it is with forming one with everyday physical people, wearing their sigil does nothing if you’re not using it to contact them, speak with them, bond with them, etc.

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Yes, sigils that function as talismans and engravings on amulets and on the body itself will work and are quite effective to bring positivity, luck or prosperity.

Such sigils possess power from its creation and charging, but certain types of functions, when sigilised, require repeated activation.

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It works a few ways.

First, you are unconciously aware of everything on your body and within about 3 feet of yourself. This is likely because of the electromagnetic field put out by the heart, which expands during arousal.
Because of this, wearing any symbol that represents a goal will unconciously reinforce that goal.

Second, unless consecrated, charged, blessed, or enchanted, there is no magical significance other than to deter other spirits. An example of this is wearing a sigil of pazuzu. He doesnt need to be present or attached to the sigil, simply wearing it will scare lesser spirits off.

So yes it will expedite the process of connecting to the spirit, due to unconcious reinforcement. It will not however, magically open portals, or currents, or gates. It simply reminds you of the goal, and your mind does the rest.

As to warding off spirits, unless charged, the symbol does not magically embody the entities energy. It isnt the energy warding it off, it is the threat of “this person knows how to ask for help, and I’d rather not deal with that help”.

The actual act of creation imbues objects with magin, this charges it with your own intent. Buying one and just wearing it doesnt have magical significance


I have scratched Seals into my skin - not deep - just with a ballpoint pen with the ballpoint retracted will do; traced and retraced until the blood rises in the skin; over and over again as a re-dedication; when required.



you can ask the demon of the sigil to power up the jewelry and that it does certain things when you wear it like bringing luck or attract ladies etc… The jewelry is like a reminder. You can use it as a charm too or talisman. It’s also handy to have as you can use it to cast spell on the go. It’s also a dedication to the demon so it might bring better connection to them.