Chaos Star?

The title. I would like your opinions since this site has helped with clarifying things
and helping alot.

So a long while back, Lucifer would come to me in dreams and tell me to be still as he drew something on my ribs before letting me look in a mirror to see.

Although my drawing is terrible and does not do his steady hand justice, it would look this:

Given the amount of lines. The only conclusion I have of what it is is a chaos star.

I didn’t understand at the time nor did he explain, all he explained is that in time I would understand what it meant. I think I finally do understand after reading from this and now having a better understand of all of this (thank you guys).

I think that I need to stop struggling and fall into chaos and lose everything that has kept me chained to my blindness before I can finally see him and see everything clear.

Which explains why he said that I should take it onto myself so that I can feel really connected to it hence why it was drawn on me.

What do you guys think?

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Its definitely a chaos star, so construct a 8 pointed star like a pentagram instead of 5 points draw one 8 points.

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Thank you, does it really matter which I draw? I know their dofferent but I don’t really see why he would care about chaos star vs pentagram.

Interesting is that chaostar is similar to sumerian logogram “Dingir” meaning “God” and was put before god or goddes name, or independently it was also logogram of sumerian sky god Anu.
Here is example: images


That is interesting. Kind of brings up the idea that connecting to it would mean becoming your own god over yourself.


It’s an Asterisk. It’s like code for Astroth.

I know becase we literally live together.

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Nice to know but that leaves the question of why Lucifer would introduce me to it but not to who it belongs too.

So the first thing that comes to mind when i see this is the 8 directions found in muitple tradions. You have the 8 directions and 9worlds in the norse, the 8 gates in bagua, and the 8 directions of the DigChakra. You can dig into these more if they seem relevant.



Its the old sigil of Astaroth

I can’t find any information on Astaroth that relates to this topic. Can you tell me about why you think Lucifer would have directed me to him?