Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

A succubus becoming “jealous” is more of a myth than anything else. However, if she’s working with your chakras or with other things involving your ascension, I wouldn’t recommend to evoke other spirits at that time. I shouldn’t have to explain the reasons why, right?

We also tend to throw the word “jealousy” around to explain specific behaviors, while the true reasons often is on the behavior of the other half, which is ourselves. If we neglect the succubus when working with other spirits, she could be hurt, or if we suddenly stop interacting with her for longer period of time, she could feel neglected. Any relationship needs maintenance and attention to some extent, and that includes spirits.


I tried this last night and definitely felt some nice sensations within a few minutes. I’m horrible when it comes to sitting still, but time just flew by. I thought I had only been sat for about 5 maybe 10 minutes, but it was over 30 minutes before I moved and went to bed.
The sensations went on for quite sometime and felt at times, unbearable like a tease. I kept waking up in the night and thought for sure my work day was going to be wrecked, but I was up before the sun and have felt rested all day.

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Oh forgot to add. I asked it to touch my hand and almost immediately felt this intense pulsating within my hand. I’ve asked three times now and it just happens. Doesn’t hurt, feels interesting- almost like my hand is having an orgasm.

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Can I do this if im already dealing with another spirit? Or is that a bad idea

I would like to contact you via email
I am thinking about evoking a succubus using the provided method as u indicated above w but there are a couple things i would like to know more about.

thank you

First, before asking to personally contact a member, please click the image below and introduce yourself, as per the rules of this forum:


I apologize
i did do as required but obviously on the wrong place and wrong thread

I will rectify that immediately
thank you and apologies, no disrespect intended

My bad. I didn’t see the first post. Thanks for doing it in the thread, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:





Natural submissiveness








Would these work @succupedia ?

I just did it and i didn’t have time to open up to him sadly. Burning the paper made a lot of smoke amd smells, so i had to cover it with a lot of cologne. I do thos because i am not allowed to light candles and i dont wanna get caught lol. Heart was racinng lol


Might ask for an incubus tonight :thinking:

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It does happen during the aftermath of working with Lilith but usually goes away.

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Same :confused:

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If i were to do this would i be capable of seeing the succubus/incubus even with an undeveloped ajna chakra? If not then would i have even the slightest idea of what she/he would look like?


They can help open our chakras. You’d probably still dream of her/him, but probably not always


Encore is right, you should be able to see it in your dreams and it will open your chakras for you.


[quote=“SamaelAnathan, post:452, topic:5334”]

What do you mean by this?

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Tried out the letter of intent; I don’t feel him :frowning:

Give it some time.

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