Lilith I charged her sigil burned it to get my friend in relationship, need advice

He showed sign to her but she got frustrated, in the 2 days I burned her sigil, charged it for 30 minutes or so, he showed signs in terms of attraction he sent her a message something that is consider as unusual behavior from him and when I stopped after 1 day she telling me I don’t want to talk to him anymore, what am I doing wrong he can’t be honest he is a man who like to have sex and open relationship so it’s pretty frustrating, need some advices, sorry for my English I’m new here by the way :slight_smile:

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So, Lilith got a little bit frustrated, huh? I’m not surprised, because I’ve been working with her for several years and it seems like she doesn’t like men that act like selfish douchebags.

Lilith doesn’t like:

  • Egoism.
  • Lack of commitment.
  • Dishonesty.

And he should consider himself lucky that she hasn’t put that frustration and disappointment and acted out with it. Maybe she saw something about him, or maybe she’s just patient.

…and maybe your friend need to think more with his head, instead of his dick? Just sayin’…


Welp, today I learned Lilith doesn’t like me.


How come? :open_mouth:


Well, I can be quite egotistical at times, I suck at commitment I think, and I can be fairly dishonest sometimes. This explains why I could never call upon Lilith. And, to tell you the truth, I feel something…repelling me to try again? At least I did. Now I’m not so sure.

No dude you didn’t understand me properly my friend is a female and I’m trying to make her crush that friend zoned her with benefits, basically make him confess to her and bring them to a serious relationship, that’s not Lilith that got frustrated but rather my female friend, I’m considering that as my fault now that you referenced those point maybe it’s my inconsistency at charging her sigil.


This is most of the reasons why many black magicians have a problem with succubus/incubus entities in general and Lilith specifically.

And, let me guess. You also like to be in control, am I right? Being passive, at times, are more often beneficial when working with Lilith and her children. At least in a sense of letting them do “their thing”. Never keep her above, or below you, either. Keep her in the middle and treat her as your equal. Keeping her above you, she might not give you respect and she could boss you around like her “plaything”. Keep her below you, and she could be quite pissed off by that.

The female current is way different than the male current, and it doesn’t really reflect the human females of the society today. It’s a much older, ancient reflection of the past, where equality did exist in a broader and more practical unity between men and women.


…and your friends love interest rather fool around with other women and won’t commit to her? Maybe that’s why Lilith got frustrated at him, don’t you think? It’s not easy to change someone to focus their interest on a single target, and it’s not even Lilith’s strongest area, either.

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I’ve worked with goddesses and female demons before. Lilith seems to be the only one I can’t approach.

How was your mindset when you tried to evoke her? She has dismissed others and even showed dislike towards some black magicians, and I think it’s mostly about their attitude.

And it doesn’t even have to be about you, either. Other spirits around you could be a reason enough for her to avoid you, so a divination could solve some of the issues there.


Can you suggest me what can I do in this situation, some entity that can direct him to her specifically emotionally ?

Lilith is more likely to help your friend get over him then hook them up.

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Blank. I try to approach entities with as little expectations as possible.

This could be it. I never thought she hated me, until you pointed out what she doesn’t like. I do feel repelled to call her again, though. But, this could be on my end. I’ll see what’s the issue at some point in the future.

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A “blank” mindset with less or no expectations towards an emotionally driven deity such as Lilith, seems like a frustrating approach in her point of view, don’t you think? If she can’t read your intentions for calling on her, then why call her in the first place? If it was a date, it would be quite awkward.

I’m certain she doesn’t hate you. Maybe you just need to open up a bit, when evoking her. She can be as tough as one gets, if you’re not on the same level as her, and the response from that could turn in three different ways:

  • She just leaves and give no shit.
  • She’s getting cocky and authoritative towards you because you put her above you.
  • She’s getting furious and angry and might “teach” you a lesson for putting her beneath you.

That’s just my thoughts of your situation with her.


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I’d just like to say that I loved reading your replies in this post @succupedia


Hi, I’m Lexi! I was wondering if I wanted to get a guy to stop ignoring and blocking me and to get into a relationship with me. Which sigil would I use???