Newcomer and in need of serious help

Hi ! Im being posessed from time to time by many spirit/demon entities, I dont know for sure but they often pull me to somekind of spiritual/dream realm when I fall asleep, I see auras and vertical flashes of light that fade away many in my room, and Im surrounded by them, I need your help, theybeen here for atleast over a year and they make my everyday life hellish, I tried to pray god and everything but god doesnt help me somewhy, maybe you guys can ! please ! answer me asap, every moment is too much, answer here I have no idea what to do I have contacted so many people who tell they can help me but literally nothing happens/helps. If you really can do some of these things can you help me with it or do something to help me with this? banish them from here or summon grim reaper or death to get them away from here or anything, literally anything. please, help !!!

theres much much much to tell but I wish to contact someone of you directly to get this situation over for at last.

You can protect yourself, maybe do cleanses, there’s easy banishing rituals posted here you can do yourself.
as for money you can try manifesting it too.
there’s a bunch of different methods.

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Please don’t just repeat what you have written here.

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Yo check your PM i’ll message you