Hello I’m a seeker of knowledge on dark/black magic/demons/devil and a non middle eastern/Judaic/chirstain path/tradition/more of the old European ways before the advent of chrisanity and the destruction of the old ways.

I also seek knowledge on the natures of demons/devil and other entities.

I have mental and physical disabilities because of what was done to me by my own government(that is a story for another time) also I have had unusual possibly supernatural experiences in my life.

This site was recommended by a person I know on another site and after looking over this site for a bit I decided to join.

I’m not going to be doing any magic until I feel I have a good grasp of the dark side of magic.

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LOL, it’s never about power and evil, the Darkside is always about sweet goodness and tasty evil. :slight_smile:

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Can I get an AHMEN?!




Hello John_Doe, Kingofhearts616 nice to meet you both.

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Hello Kargan3033, please make an introduction here, if you haven’t done so already.

It’s one of the rules here thanks and welcome.

What fun is that? Grab a Sigil summon a Demon and learn as you go, it’s what all us cool kids do. :smiling_imp:


Some of us lol
I threw myself into the chaotic forge of elemental magic starting out earrrrrrrrly lol

Hello Kargan3033, enjoy the journey of self exploration. It has many roads.


I have done some odd things concerning demons/devils mostly because I was young and reckless but now that I’m older and hopefully wiser I know enough to learn what I can before work a spell or summoning a demon/devil/other life because magic(regardless of it’s type) is not something to play around with.


Thank you for the warm welcome, I have a feeling that things are going to become quite interesting for me not that I have taken this step into a greater universe.

Oh that’s almost a guaranty depending on how deep down the rabbit holes you wanna go.

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Rabbit holes eh?, sexy succubus in bunny girl outfits?, SIGN ME THE FUCK UP! LOL

All joking aside I have always seemed to see things diffentally then the so called normal and sane people so I’m going to learn what I can if for nothing more then my own personal enjoyment.

Societies definition of “sane” is overrated.
“Normal” people are the one’s I usually have to keep an eye on -_O
Damn self proclaimed “normal” people can be scary as fuck when they get riled. I find these quotes have served me pretty well over the years when it comes to “normal” people.

“No, a person is smart, people are dangerous stupid and panicky creatures, and you know it” Agent Kay

“Your calling us insane!!! A bit late for that don’t you think. Well maybe we are but It’s your god who guarantees our insanity. But I ask you… Who,exactly guarantees the sanity of your god?” the Major (hellsing)

Cringy pun mah dude ahhaha :joy:

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I hear what you are saying and I just shake my head when people call me insane, if you can call all the bullshit going on in the world sane then I’m mother fucking proud to be insane

As for normal I believe that what is normal to one is another’s abnormal and what is abnormal is normal to others.

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Agreed, :thinking: then again I’ve worked with alot of beings that get assoicated with magick,chaos,fate,maddness, mechanics of reality ect.
As a result I’ve gotten asked more than once if i was an alien or something more than once while pulling friends down rabbit holes. :laughing:

Fun time had by all but the religous fanatics, they either recoil or have a crack in their psyche after regarding their religion.


I hear what you are saying and my thoughts on religion is that it’s all bullshit and it’s generally a bad thing.

Thanks bro :joy: