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Hello all , I am Portuguese of Brazil, I worked with pomba gira and exu in quimbanda. if I can help, please let me know


As my experience say, it maynit work 75-95 of time,even if u follow rules, maybe us ta litle candle,jar link ritual tat give a boost, but oraying wint do the work, the anima sola,marua shounla. Rom Venezuela’s,anima sola etc,do a link and pray work,ir do voodo. Prays

Um I wanted to try a love spell using Pomba Gira but I’m nervous and never did it before. Can you help me?

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I respect Pomba Gira. How was it working with her as a Male? She comes through me when I was intimate with an ex and he has exu presence

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Would u be able to help me? I want my ex back n I’ve reading about Queen Pomba Maria but I have no experience doing any type of magic except I’ve asked Sallos for his help last week.

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Ok thank u
Would u know anyone who can help me please? Maybe u can

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I may be able to help


Hi Virgo, please do thank u

Thank u Darkestknight I appreciate for letting me know

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Can u please do just dm please

Has Pomba Gira worked to return a ex lover?

Can Pomba Gira be used to return an ex and does it really work? How long do you start seeing results

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Well, I’m Brazilian and I worked with Pomba Gira before.

She can help you or deny you, you need to contact her first. She don’t have any sigil, so you have to do an offering and asking her to come to you.

Go outside you house, light a red (or red and black, if you can find) candle, bring her some cheap champagne or some cool cigarrets, offer in order to welcome her, she will be with you.

Talk to her, pledge and see if she wants help you and what she wants in trade. Normally some food offerings do the job.

It’s a good spirit with a great vibe, but she didn’t accepted an old pledge of mine.

So, see for yourself.

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Hi I just start working with Pomba gira , but today is My 7 day and I see nothing with the guy I loved , I’m a married woman but I don’t love my husband anymore , I love the guy I meet in my work, we have a 7 months relationship and now he is with a young women, can you help me please thanks

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I have to testify to that and it’s only been a week for me. Laroye Maria Padilha