Soundcloud rappers actual occultists or just a fake persona

i made an account just to post this, not sure if this is the appropriate place or if it’s already been discussed but i am curious what others think. these artists all have huge hundreads of thousands of followers. i’m especially curious if anyone recognizes the symbol on Trippie Redd’s hand with the “tr666” he claims it just 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons… lol

they all could just tryna be mysterious and edgy but wouldn’t surprise me if they were calling into demons for aid and such

edit: sorry for horrible formatting i’m on my phone currently

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I’m going with eye of Tiamat.

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done, thanks. i’m on mobile and it’s really uncomfortable so i unintentionally missed this sorry about that

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appreciate you

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Interestingly enough, is that the upside down cross is how St.Peter wanted to be crucified, because he saw himself unworthy to be crucified right side up like his savior.

So in essence an upside down cross is signaling an unworthiness to christ.

Also upside down crosses look dope, so that guy is just probably being edgy. :rofl:


people have a particular image that appears when they think of an occultist…and this rapper personifies that image. In actuality though, you would never even recognize an occultist if he/she was staring you in the face. For the most part, occultists tend to look quite ordinary…so my guess is that this guy isn’t a practicing magician. Also take into account how rare occultism is within the population. We’ve had this conversation before, but there probably isn’t more than a few hundred thousand people (thats just my guess) on the planet who are occultists to the level that we are on this site…so the likelihood of this guy being one is probably small


Yes, no one would know I have anything to do with the LHP. I dress and behave normally in the society eyes.


kool name

everyone says that but why have they not considered that the inverted crucifix used by Satanists, et al, is intended to represent the one Jebus was nailed to, not Peter??? :thinking:

intent behind thoughts/actions/things is really important, dontyaknow

I tend to stick to the original meaning behind symbols, satanists only started using it when hollywood used it in movies like The Omen or The Exorcist with logic like
Up = good :+1:

Down = bad :-1:

And people just ran with it, like the rebellious angst humans they were.

Of course, but the origin stays the same and results may vary depending how it’s being used.

Like I’m sure if I used a spirits sigil for another spirit it wouldn’t work out to well.