Smoking/vaping spirits

I wonder if spirits such as licifer, lilith, asmodeus,
ect like to smoke or vape? will they vape or smoke with you like a session or lounge. would they like it if you offered a smoke or vape? just a random thought that popped in my head.


I have no idea about Vaping, but I have never come across a spirit who would refuse tobacco in some form or another.

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They generally don’t vape but some of them will let you vape them.


Lucifer likes cigarettes for sure. Anytime I light up outside he’s right there. I don’t know exactly why but he does enjoy it.


I think it all depends on the spirit . Ive noticed papa legba likes cigars and im sure entities lucifer & asmodeus wouldnt mind a smoke long as its not really unhealthy shit.
But then again they gain power during ritual from stuff like this so yeah. I would debunk the idea them having vaps but a smoking herb possibly.


Spirits don’t give a fuck about whether or not an offering of a cigar or cigarette is unhealthy. They don’t have physical bodies that can be destroyed by tobacco. Idk about vaping. I’m a bit traditional in my work so I stick with real smoke and real smokes. But I did once give Baron Samedi a vial of e-juice and he was intrigued. They don’t actually smoke unless they’re possessing your body. They just take the energy from the tobacco.


some demons like the smell like a demon called taratus he fucking likes cigars and vape i also know that astaroth doesn’t like tobacco smoking

Yeah that’s mostly how I do an invocation to Lucifer haha I like to draw his sigil on the cigarette, and stare off into the distance like a tree line, zone out and chant his enn. Its nice, although the tobacco doesnt taste the same once i do this, since its offered to him. Its like sharing a cigarette with a friend

Vaping is better than smoking.

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It is a funny and interesting idea , they probably have better things to do though .

Wait, if the spirit attracted to the certain smell can we change smoke with vape but using tobacco vape liquid, now im really curious…