Pros And Cons Of Working With King Asmoday?

I’ve been working with Lord Asmodeus for some time now, and he has become my patron in my demonolatry paradigm. He is a very kind and loving god, even though he was the Zoroastrian deva of wrath and the Goetic spirit associated with lust, and when given respect is extremely protective of his followers.

As Lady Eva mentions, he has a specific agenda that is somewhat separate from other Goetic spirits - he seems to not crave fealty so much as exist as a guide for those who seek his guidance. He has received much bad press over the years, and if worked with you really need to get into the relationship with an open mind and prepare to be tested.

It is a belief within demonolatry that Asmodeus was/is married to the goddess Lilith at some stage, but this could also be confusion surrounding who Asmodeus actually is - some see him as an aspect of Samael, who is also recorded as being married to Lilith, others as an early Satanic model.

All in all, Asmodeus is a very rewarding god who helps and protects those that show him honour and respect, but be prepared to experience massive fits of anger and overriding desires for things that may once have disgusted you.


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He’s also loyal and loving, and as dedicated to you as you are to him. He always lets me know he’s near and has been incredibly gentle with me. He’ll kick your ass if need be, but I can’t say enough good things about him.


Asmodai: It is true that Asmoday does prefer one to be standing, at least when you first call him. It is a matter of respect for him. Asmoday is a great help in matters of lust as well as matters of breaking up lovers. He can also be of great help if you are wanting to get someone to move out of your life. His seal must be used in each of these works. Asmodai is well known from history, taking over King Solomon’s throne for a time, loving Sarah and killing all of her human husbands, as well as in the Persian lore being known as Aeshma Daeva. Asmoday is also by far the best Daemon to call if one is looking for sexual relations with the same sex.

He appears the most strongly from all of the Daemons in my experience, can be a bit intimidating the first time that you call him. He also seems to take a little time to soften to the magician. Asmoday is definitely worth working with, once one gets used to him. Asmoday does not suffer lamers or the weak at all! He teaches many arts and sciences, is a destroyer and gives a “ring of virtues”. Asmoday’s favorite offerings are saffron and strong alcohol.


Can you tell me how to call him?
I want to follow Asmoday, experience and
learn from him.

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After you have introduced yourself, use the search function in the upper right. There are dozens of posts detailing the how-to’s.


I just finished a ritual by Jack White using Asmoday and the energy was the strongest I’ve felt thus far. He spoke clearly and kindly saying baneful magick is my forte. :wink:

I’ll drfinitely be calling on him again.


Can king Asmoday destroy friendships?

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I do not quite understand the part where you talk about Asmoday for people of the same sex, as for the google translator and not always the translation is perfect, but from what I could understand, Asmoday is very good at sexual magic of people of the same sex? Why?


Athena of wrote: “Asmoday is also by far the best Daemon to call if one is looking for sexual relations with the same sex.”

It’s not a Google translation, but what she wrote herself in English; she’s Canadian.

I do not speak English, I’m through Google Translate.

This is the original page:

Athena meant that Asmoday is the best Daemon to call for those who want homosexual relations. She did not give more details.


After getting to know this demon better, I rather enjoy working with Asmodeus. He did kinda mess with my head in the beginning, I’ll admit, but I treat him the way I want to be treated. Give him respect, and it’s certain he will return that. He occasionally will give an offhand even funny sexual message lol, but never in what I would consider bad taste, and is highly intelligent and polite, very well spoken. I always look forward to working with him. If you’re going to summon him, he likes nice things. I never give cheap offerings, he prefers more expensive liquors, etc. So adorn your temple or altar tastefully and as lavishly as possible. I was lacking a few things, and I told him I wish I had more to offer, and before I knew it I had obtained what he liked, and also had some to spare. He seems to like jewelry, so I had some loose precious stones and placed them at my altar. Then a few days later I received some jewelry as a gift. He also likes some beads I brought back from new Orleans of all things. He can be very much a gentleman. :grin:


Sounds like something he would say, i enjoy Asmodeus

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Can you please tell me what type of oil I should use on a petition candle for Asmodeus? This is not a working for lust, it will be a more baneful type ritual. I have been communicating with him for awhile via meditation with his sigil, and I’m aware he appreciates frankincense, the resin not the sticks so much, strong liquors, saffron, of which I have obtained. I know the candle colors, just need to know if I should use my homemade black arts oil, or some other. He is so misunderstood, I find him quite pleasant to communicate with and I welcome his presence. I just want to prepare a bad ass altar for him in my temple, because well, he is a bad ass. I lacked the money to do all this, and i told him I needed a way to purchase items for his space, and out of the clear blue I ended up getting the $ I needed, and some to spare. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Can you please tell me the ritual?

I am close to the spirit known as Asmodeus. You are right. He has his own agendas in mind. But overall he is a spirit that will help you during tough times however it won’t be easy. He tests your strengths and will point out your weaknesses. He can be very polite gentlemen or very vulgar and blunt. Depends on the situations. In my own personal experiences Asmodeus enjoys jasmine scents so maybe obtain jasmine oil for your rituals/craft/etc. Other than that red candles mean passion -and it is not just for sexual passions. So those are some small suggestions to help you on your journey. I hope things go well for you.


You have a demonic child spirit baby?? How does that work?

It seems that the link is private.

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