Thanking Duke Sallos (ritual to get ex-girlfriend back + love spells)

First of all, I would like to express my admiration to this Daemon, by far one of the most responsive and easier to get in contact with.

The procedures for this ritual were quite simple, I basically prepared a altar with 3 green candles in a friday (Sallos day) while chanting his enn and burning incense to call his attention. After some meditation I felt prepared to ask propose him my deal and offered him the semen of some my sexual intercourses after the ritual, a 7 day candle and the exposition of his name

At first, I did not notice any change in my life regarding to our deal, but some months passed (I even forgot the ritual) and a I started to dream about it. Soon after, all my wishes were fullfiled and I started to dream about the ritual (I felt this as the urge to accomplish my part of the deal).

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Welcome my love into the community.We are always happy to see brave energetic beings like yourself here😁 Ps dont take my word love as a romantic thing I use it in sentence to show warmth and sometime sarcastic emotional response.

Hey sorry to bother you but your still doing lovecraftian magick if so can I ask you a odd question about Nyarlathotep and his communication methods please.