Disappointed with Duke Bune

Because i didnt just want to read and leave. And not meaning to be rude, but i dont see anyone else helping either.

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Yeah. I’m british myself, but if you’re on apprenticeship programmes, benefits, retired, etc. You get it free. When i was working, i had to pay a fiver for anti sickness medication. It’s not cheap tbh.


Maybe some divination would help you here. I like to to trace out the seals before I try anything more serious.
If you get bad feelings about it, just leave it alone. Tarot or other forms of divination before you do any more working is a good idea.

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I’m sorry to hear about your predicament.
It may have been that Bune did try to assist you (hence the £4) but due to your desperate need, you unfortunately blocked her efforts with a lust for results.


Quite frankly, you come here having joined 37 minutes ago, not having given any indication of what kind of ritual you did, what offering you gave, not having given an introduction and having dictated a timeframe to an entity that is greater in power than any of us and you are expecting what exactly?

What are you doing to fix your life other than relying on the subtle, how are you fixing the mundane yourself? Oh, you didn’t know you needed to do anything for yourself? It’s quite possible that the great entity has already given you opportunities but you’ve ignored them or shown a great amount of ingratitude.




A whole fiver, huh? I have two very basic meds and with insurance it’s $150 every three months. A Doctors visit is $50 with a copay. Calling an Ambulance? $1000. This is all with good insurance.
Count your blessings.


He already did, just in the wrong place. I already checked :stuck_out_tongue:


You…!!! :expressionless:


You love me, and you know it :sunglasses:


I do. I never intended to make out that i was worse off than anyone else.


Anyway. @Tatsu how do you know Bune accepted your time limit? Did she say so? Or were those dreams you paid no attention to trying to tell you something? Since you forgot them how do you know she didn’t need you to do something, and since you didn’t keep up your end she can’t do hers?

Putting a limit on things is not usually advised, because you have no idea what the entities have to do to make things happen. It can be considered disrespectful, depending on how the ritual went down.

Unfortunately with your bad attitude anything that was in the works may have just been cancelled, or not possible because you’re not working with her - did you really just expect to give commands and be handed everything free? That’s like asking to win the lottery and not buying a ticket.

You’d have been better off repeating the ritual and asking if your request was accepted, apologizing for not listening to the dreams and asking her to repeat the instructions.


How have you got in this situation, do you have a proper GP and everything?

I know these are not seeming like magickal answers but obviously things don’t just materialise from thin air (most of the time), the spirits stack the odds in your favour but you have to hustle a bit.

And I am curious why you can’t get urgent medical aid, prescriptions cost about £8 but if you’re really truly fucked you should be able to get something just by telling your GP/the hospital how bad things are and that you can’t afford to get it filled.

You can’t get cosmetic dentistry free, but you should be able to get basics if you’re in pain.

Food banks, you need a referral from a GP or Jobcentre, I think the Hare Krishnas still do free food daily as well so check if there’s a temple near you offering this, charity shops have cheap clothes (I shop in them, picked up a super winter coat last week for under a tenner), Primark do thick woollen joggies that are about £6 and comfy, and warm, and hoddies are usually about the same price… talk to us, let us know where the blocks are.

And as a friendly word of advice, don’t jump to conclusions about WHY spirits do what they do, try to troubleshoot in good faith and make sure all the corridors are open for good things to come your way.


Thank you for everything. I will check this things.

I do actually a tea about the pain, that helps a lot :slight_smile:


Tell me when I said I hadn’t done anything to help myself?

Also the same way people can say how happy they are with entity they can say how they are not. If it wasn’t for the only good comments about her I wouldn’t try to work with her, people need to know there are two sides of the coin.

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Thank you

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I had never ignored her. I hadn’t forgotten the dreams just because I am little kid that doesn’t like the dream. I wanted to remember this dreams, they are important so do not tell me I had ignored her.

About the time limit I do not have time on my hands to wait and wait and wait. I am with a freaking timer on my back, and I have people that count on me and nothing to leave to protect them when I die. I don’t play around just telling time limits like that.

Also do not tell me I hadn’t done anything as you do not know what I had and hadn’t done.

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‘‘Lust for results’’. More like desperation. I hadn’t asked for milions, I had calculated what for what I need.

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What method did you use to petition to bime/bune? I’ve gotten multiple results from this demon. The most important thing is that you don’t lust for result. The demon works in all avenues when it comes to money attraction. Through gifts, increased income, finding money on the floor etc. I wouldn’t recommend putting time constraints when doing money related magick. Only because you’re more likely to lust for results. Bime works fast. I have never put time restraints on bime and have gotten results in DAYS. But I have also gotten results after 2-3 months. Petition the demon again with authority, and tell bime what it is you want without being rude but be assertive. Don’t beg or plead for anything. It’s your divine right for them to work with you.

You absolutely start being proactive vs reactive, so that these failures don’t happen. Don’t rely fully on magick. Find out how you can make more money using magick and use magick to supercharge your efforts while producing that supernatural effect.