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since I’ve never evoked or invoked a spirit before I’m wondering which spirit I should start with. I heard that the Olympian spirits are good for beginners is this true?

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I think it really depends on what you are drawn to. Some people have started with demons, like King Paimon who is good for beginners, and others have started with angels, like Gabriel or Michael.

The Olympic spirits can be a bit difficult to contact, so, in my opinion, if you are not specifically drawn to either the demonic or angelic, I would start with the Elemental Kings, like Paralda, the King of Air, or Ghob, the King of Earth. They are less lofty and easiest to contact.

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never even heard of the elemental kings until now. i’ll have to do some research, but anyway thanks fr the info.

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I see you have answered a lot of people so I think you might help me with this… I have tried to perform evocations I think this is the second year now but I have never really got a spirit to appear before me and have a my requests to be full answered as i want …and I still don’t know what is the problem so far…can you please give me any advice concerning my failure in evocations

Have you spent time in meditation and opening your senses?

Yes I have performed meditation for beginners from joy of Satan ministries book…and now I’m preparing my self to start middle meditation from the same book

Okay. What system of evocation are you attempting to use?

According to EA,(he’s not the only one that has codified these but his work is what I have on hand) there are certain principles required for a successful evocation:

Preparatory Immersion - immersing yourself into the lore and system of whatever being you want to contact, also known as subjective synthesis

Use or Development of a Working System - are you using a known system others have used successfully?

Attainment of Omnipotence - Are you empowering yourself in some way?

Substantial Contact - Did you use the proper sigil? Did you call the spirit by its name or title? Did you absorb yourself in the symbolism related to the spirit you are evoking?

Incantation - Did you command the spirit to appear under the authority of your Omnipotence?

Communication - Have you prepared your senses to communicate with the spirit?

Issue a Task - Did you give the spirit a specific task to fulfill or were you wishy washy and vague?

Dismissal - Did you properly release the spirit to go out and do your will?

Psychological Retraction - Did you remove yourself from the ritual, and forget about it, or did you dwell on it and steal its energy?

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Pro tip - physical manifestation is not mandatory, and if you don’t have your senses open, you won’t see them non-physically.

Start evoking them into your presence and giving them tasks that will give you real, proper results, while working on your senses.

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I my self follow luciferianism I have read books from michael w ford and also from E.A …so while perfoming my rituals I use variety of evocation manual from different magicians… But currently I’m using the ritual from Evoking eternity from E.A and also a ritual from lesser key of Solomon

In terms of manifestation of my goals I could say some were manifested but in very little percent and others were not manifested at all…

I use use spirit sigils correctly and I draw them my self… I took them from lesser key of Solomon…also from goetia a book by Michael ford…

Yes I perform banishing ritual…at starting and after performing evocation itself…

So far I have used everything that I was supposed to use during my rituals… Also I have watched many videos on evocation from E.A and perform it as it is supposed to be done but still not getting the result… So I don’t know where I keep on falling…

But so far thanks for your reply…

You aren’t necessarily failing. It takes time and finesse. If you are following the procedure in Evoking Eternity, then the spirits are showing up. There just seems to be a bit of an issue in your communication. You say you are getting at least partial results so that is a good sign that you are on the right track.

My advice would be to use the spirits themselves to aid in the opening of your senses. Ask an angel or demon to touch your third eye and fill it with energy. Issue tasks that have to do with you, rather than the world. Ask King Paimon to help make you more creative or Belial to make you more confident. These type of tasks are easier to see results with and will help to boost your confidence.


That is great help brother I will do as you have advice me…thank you…this is the best forum I have come across…


I can’t believe I didn’t remind you of this while I was answering your questions, but, in case you didn’t see the reminder in the power sensing thread…


Please post an introduction.


i did

@Akhtyahussein this refers to you

I already introduced my self just now

Thank you for the remainder

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Worry out already done just a moment ago…

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Incidentally no such thing as my first guide to demonology - these entities are indifferent to humans.

Sorry for the confusion, Ryan. It’s in your thread but it was directed at someone else :slight_smile:

it was my fault, no need to apologize.

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