What you will need to know about the power of true names

I want to know what you think of the power of true names. The Names of demons in particular?
Please share with me what you think!!!

The name contains all powers and blessings from your parents

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Are you trying to cast true name magick on demons?

A couple of weeks ago someone brought up the name of an unknown spirit that none of us (in a group message) had heared of. Through translating we were able to make assumptions of his attributes and not long after we found the real name.
So, I think the names are descriptions of their power. And these names have been corrupted over time. Knowing a root of the name can therefore be helpful in understanding the Spirit (in my opinion)

no I just want to see if you know the power of them

@Yazata that is a very good guess. You are actually descibing part of the way the Name of a demon works. It is also their personality, their likes and dislikes and much more.

I don’t hold much stock in the idea that true names gives you control over something and someone, there’s many people who share the same name, in my opinion unless you have an energy signature to go with the name there’s nothing worth it.


The Name of something includes then energy signature (or aura/miasma). As I said to @Yazata it contains a lot more than what you think it does. The length depends on age and experience. @anon48079295, I really appreciate your feedback on this topic.

Not really, there’s many people with the same name, if you don’t have an energy signature to the name you are getting no where.

A name is a name, two people can be named Josh, if you dont got Josh A’s energy signature you could be blindly calling Josh B’s. Energy signatures dont work based off just a name.

Either way you don’t really know my age or experience so that doesn’t really hold much merit.

No, not that name. The true name is a name usually in more archaic languages and languages of magick. They are what are used to control something or someone. They hold extreme power in spells that target a certain person. I am sorry if you were confused.


Doesn’t mean there’s not a single name shared among people, I was not confused, I meant exactly what I said. My example was simple and easy to grasp.

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@anon48079295 it has to be obtained through an arduous journey to realize who you are. You have to come to terms with your faults. Me for example, I can be extremely talkative, and am very impulsive. Those are two things that are inside the true name that can control me.

Another great answer! You are actually putting in something that holds huge value. What you said about blessings is extremely important they can effect the whole entire meaning with only one action. That is an amazing observation! Thank you @Sinicx

That sounds more like what witches call their “witch name” which is just coming up with a name you feel you resonate with. I know my true name and I assure you I’m not the only one that holds the name. Energy work is everything when it comes to trying to connect with an entity, especially through something as changeable as a name. Even a true name can change, but some people simply like to stick to a single name. No “true” name is permanent.

I literally don’t need a true name to act on someone energetically lol.

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You are correct. True names can be changed over time and over different experiences. Thanks @anon48079295!