First Contact with Lucifer (LHD Grimoire)

I had my first contact last Wednesday.

I would describe the sensation as an overwhelming, enlivening spark went through me completely. I had butterflies in my stomach like a psylocybin trip was about to start. I asked what Lucifer is, and was shown my first real vision ever during Pathworking.

I saw a primordial nervous system linking all life, and the bursting, rushing, electric fire running through everything that is, screaming I AM!!!

My interest in Magick, and the work has gone from a general study and interest to an obsession. Not very interested in movies, or general conversation that lacks depth. I’d rather bathe in Luciferian energy, and increase my own personal power and connection to all that is.

This is all new, but it feels like it’s the way it is supposed to be, a smooth current in the river.




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Thanks for sharing!

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