Intro + Lucifer the "cool dude"

What time specifically is Lucifer invoked or evoked on friday ,since I just missed hour of venus today at 8:00am

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He isn’t very particular. It’s just best to call him when the Sun is up, preferably facing the east, sometime in the morning. But it isn’t a strict requirement.

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As for your question, the time of day or direction doesn’t matter at all. So, don’t worry about it!

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My name Is Peter Mbugua Kimama,age 19 and I guess am the only Kenyan in this web .

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But that doesn’t matter,what matters is I am planning lucifer evocation today and I wish to be sure of timing today,I thank you for your reply.

I have read about your posts lots of them before I signed up today.

Can you please ask him or tell him to come when I shall evoke him today?

Please do a proper introduction. You haven’t said anything about your experience in magick.

And you are far from the only Kenyan here.


I am sorry sir about that,I have been studying magick from 16 yrs when I started doing spells.I remember doing spells on finding my books their,money spells to run away from my family when I get rich,haha!!and tried a love spells on a hot chick but all those never worked .But I believe one spell worked for I am not sure which one because I did alote of aerokinesis spells to get air powers then I suddenly after around 2min I started feeling cold breeze starting to go through my hands ,I tried to control it with my mind but it caused me to catch a cold .I forgot about it now the breez is not strong as before now its weak.To cut long story short when I was is high school I CE across the Solomons books I read them all especially the goetia ,the arbatel,the legemeton recently now I have read book of Azazel,mastering evocation, and others I can’t remember .I try to mix techniques from great magicians :EA,priestess indigo,morino ravenberg,Solomon,behemoths and others.My first evocation was of king purson on thurday and paimon same day after the first one of paimon.want to know what happened? Nothing happened.Today I want to summon the light bearer lucifer to make a pact that’s why I need help on the specific time to do so today the day of Venus.

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Sorry for my lots of spelling mistakes.

Tell me if this ritual will work.

Set up:circle of pacts,3 white,candles between the verses,a table with 13 biscuits,a novida soda ,a poem with arts and the pact underneath all his seal.

Let me explain something about rituals. It isn’t about how many candles you have, how black the robe is, what sigils are involved, what time of day, or how much blood you spill, although some beings are fairly bloodthirsty coughBelialcough

What matters is the energy you personally put into the ritual, not what ingredients you bring to the plate.


Six candles
Sigil of lucifer
Poem and art of lucifer
Pact written by me
Good smelling mosquito coil(for incense since there is no such such as incense or sandalwood in our area)
13 biscuits(13 his number)
Glass of Novida soda (wine too expensive)
EA Circle of pacts (but I drew my self on blue bed sheet with red mark pen)

A chair for him (a classic red chair if want to sit,haha!!)
Another of his sigil to place offerings on top.
A book and pen(to write )

That’s what I have on the plate. :grin:

The truth is am not alone in the house but in my room .
My room isn’t sound proof or my windows :sweat_smile:
But waiting her to leave so as to begin .I thought she would leave before 8:00am (hour of Venus) but she is still in my house.
I dout want to be heard about naming lucifer in my room during ritual else my home will be flooded with pastors and bishops😂

I want today to be my first successful evocation so anyone besty with emperor lucifer tell him Peter Mbugua Kimama is about to call upon him to come and aid.

Its not a command but humble request