Goddess naamah and drinking her offering

hello im not even sure if its the right place to ask but ill ask anyways

so ive being working with naamah for 1.5 months now some times with great results some times with weird results some times with fucking weird sexual stuff but for the past 2-3 weeks when i offer her an offering (wine) i heard twice a voice telling me to drink it

i asked my spirit lady to confirm that it was her and she told me that it was

so im asking is this weird? is there any side effect to it? is she doing something to the offering (imbuing her energy to it) so that i could drink it?
the reason i ask is because im curious im not really afraid of this but its something new for me

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Not really, I mean I had the same thing - if they say to drink it, then do it. It’ll be infused with the essence of them and the offering will transform you in some ways.

Some rites I found worked on this principle - offer something to the entity to infuse their essence into it, then partake in the offering so that alchemy may commence. From what I gathered this can come with adopting similar personality traits or affinites to that said entity.

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