Evocation of Taliahad

I have been “evoking” through black mirror practice some water beings that have intrigued me for many years. One of them, Taliahad, was on my list and I finally had the pleasure of meeting her.

The word “pleasure” is quite apt at describing this spirit.

My usual setup was the same for all water elemental beings. Facing west using a simple blue cloth, One dripping blue candle, my black mirror, copal incense.

I noticed that I attain better results with less candles flickering light everywhere as it does interfere with the visions I see.

Once again I used the LBRP to get me in the right state of mind. Consecrated the water in the chalice and in her name I began to move deosil sprinkling all around invoking her name over and over.

I sat in front of the mirror and began to call her name over and over while gazing at her sigil in the near dark temple.

The sigil was almost gone from sight, disappearing completely. I moved my focus to the mirror continuing to call her name.

What happened next was interesting. Most of the spirits Ive called thus far had no interesting “intro sound FX” meaning that I didn’t hear a choir of angels singing nor trumpets playing. Instead, The sound of rushing ocean waves descended unto me all around(meaning I “heard” all this on both ears “outside” of me, like surround sound)

Her image appeared to me as the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. Ivory skin smooth as water,flowing curly long blonde hair, deep purple eyes and a smile that would trap you in heart and mind. She is naked except for a strange looking flowing sash around her.

I first asked her for her name, to wit she replied

"I am she who brought forth the waters of the river Styx, I am she who…etc…she gave her complete resume and it was impressive.

I asked for her signature which she granted.

An alternate sigil was given for “speed dialing”

My intent was to understand the nature of Talismanic Magick. How to properly construct them, consecrate them,etc…

She provided me with a universal talisman which can procure any desire thereof. Haven’t used it yet so once I do I’ll report back.

I then Found myself almost immediately “removed” from my body and transplanted onto a beach where she stood next to me. I was wearing what appeared to be brown rags. She smile and gave me a blue coral shell that once it was in my hand transformed my skin tone to blue…weird…

She then caressed my face and kissed me like Ive never been kissed before. Un fucking real!!!..talk about the ultimate woman…

after this I asked to behold her once more in the glass and gave the license to depart.

Unforgeable experience.

I have the feeling that she somehow is able to shape shift to your hearts desire. She also came to my dreams which is another story.

This is a definite must evoke spirit that should be on your list.


People have been PM me about her sigil


Be careful around those kinds of spirits. They can obsess you.

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Thats the understatement of the year!..LOLLLL

as long as you keep to the original intent in mind and heart you’re ok. Keeping always in mind the purpose of the evocation(this or any other spirit),unless you are planning to make pacts with certain beings to learn from them.

She does know what your true desires are (sexual or otherwise) and as Americans say she’ll “work them”. Stay in control and you’re in for an interesting ride.

A definite physical evocation of her would yield interesting results and I should interrogate her further to discover more traits that could prove useful.

But you are correct,caution is a necessity. So is too much Cuban Espresso but I live for it. :slight_smile:

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Very nice read S.V.E. I would like to ask what method did you use to learn to scry? There are so many out there, just wondering which you used. Thanks.

One thing Ive learned from working all these rituals for years is to focus on your magickal goals/objectives and being honest with yourself.

My latest goal is pinned on my temple wall on a large hard poster board for me to see everyday. To become proficient in all aspects of magickal evocation.

Thus far, its coming to pass. My results are way more than expected, and each day new knowledge is awaken inside me.

If your magickal goal at the moment is to become the most powerful black mage on earth than write it up and pin it to the wall. If you desire to attain wealth and riches through magick thats fine, just set a goal and pin it up.

Nothing is un-realistic

Outside my house,while the city constructed a new sidewalk in front I decided to scribble at my doorstep these words…

“all is possible” and signed it.

Be honest to yourself and then live up to your own expectations. Books,Videos,etc…thats just inspiration but the rest is up to you. Practice practice practice…think of magick as two facing mirror displaying an endless path of doorways ready to be opened.

If EA can do it so can you.

I always see EA busting through magickal doorways one by one, never ending(actually he’s on his motorcycle riding through the doorways. The exhust pipes spewing out Copal smoke in its wake).

The tool I’ve been using all these years for scrying is the “active imagination” or “Magickal imagination” as EA would say.

The methods I use are mostly taken from performing various Golden Dawn daily rituals to “practice” and “trust” my magickal senses.

For so many years performing the LBRP and drawing very large pentagrams all around me is one method. You have to train your senses to see and believe that what you drew is actually there. Flaming blue pentagrams!!..interconnected lines…the dripping blue flames fall down from their tips…etc…its very real to me,and that counts period.

Doing that for awhile will do wonders.

The other would be regressing back to the child you once were. No responsibilities,no worries. Just playtime everyday. Thats the wild mind up to age six or five. After that, you begin to doubt and know that Santa claus is not real. Then you view the world around you as objectified. Whats real is what is front of me. A whole new set of values and “disbelief” set in, creating what a normal human adult should be.

Then someone decides to evoke a spirit in the smoke. They call out the name and gaze at the sigil…and nothing happens. Of course, you and me know that the spirit has in fact answered your call. But no spirit in the smoke,no voices,no copal smoke moving this way or that. what did you do wrong?..absolutely nothing.

It’s the old programming from years ago. Its the old paradigm of disbelief that lies quiet and is “evoked” when you attempt an evocation.

So my crucial two factors(tools) for scrying are:

1.) Active Imagination (not passive, but active as magick is ever changing and moves) enflame your wild mind!
2.) Your creative will (becoming a god and actively participating in the act of creation) the spirits will come to your call, but you must create them first. You need to see and hear them, not wait for the smoke to form a body. It’s “you” who will meet them at the crossroads, not them.

As to physical tools, if you read my past posts, I have stripped away my altar and only use a coloured cloth of the element in question(currently in the water element so blue) and have my scrying mirror on the floor. Using a large stick of White California Smudge would’nt hurt) Thats it. No circle of pacts, no circle period(except for the astral circle I create through my will). I perform the LBRP only in so much to get me in the state of mind. The altar has become a “living shrine” but its role is passive.

Keep in mind that, while I learned all the many rituals of the Golden Dawn, I was very very rigid. If I moved to the left than I moved to the right. If i had an itch on the left knee then I also scratched the right. I wanted to exemplify the ideal balance in my rites and myself. Performing the Watchtower Ritual(as written by Israel Regardie) takes much energy from me. It’s exhausting after creating a vortex, but it did strengthen by astral senses 20 fold.

The Greater Invoking ritual of the pentagram(as per Lon Milo DuQuette) is another variant thats more watered down(no Enochian) but still it is powerful enough to call upon the elements around you.

The less tools you have, the more your senses will improve(at least until you see and hear perfectly) then you add “stuff” to enjoy any rite. You have to create a sense of enjoyment and wonder when entering your own circle. Not rigid and standing erect while proclaiming the power of god.

Have fun with the coursework, take notes on what EA teaches and then perform them. Then, start thinking outside the box and be original.

You will not find any answers on video nor books, but at the crossroads, your wild mind will empower and enflame.

Evoke daily to understand what I’m talking about.


Taliahad is a water force entity if I am not mistaken? I really enjoy your work so far, and the fact that you are going at it full force. I started reading your posts, and went about pursuing the idea of writing my own mythos to see where it could go.

… I feeling that this process of magick and creation is more perfectly described as “realization”. When we create, we often feel that we are putting something into place that “never existed” before. However, now I am experiencing that we are rather realizing everything that is already there, and that what we realize it’s just so damn unlimited, that with proper confidence and willingness to experience, we can do whatever we want with whatever we want.

I spent so much time worrying about working with a self-realized form of entities, considering that this was my initiation into magick nonetheless, that I didn’t have the right confidence to try it out. I had not evocation experience, no real at-the-ready psychic ability, and the only thing I had on deck was some proficiency at moving and sensing internal energy. So there isn’t anything to make me feel like I should be able to “create” a pantheon of entities, or enlist a “brand-new” set of entities that could aid in the attainment of Godhood, right?

However, I gave it a go after reviewing some information and experiences from here on the forum and some correspondences with other teaching figures. I let the doubt aside, said that so far the doubts I have only wind up being proven wrong in massive display in practice. So I started writing some of my ideas and… well I’m pretty sure I’m writing a grimoire now.

I began writing the ideas that came out, and soon the ideas began communicating the proper way of expressing them. Broken language soon became concise, written expression. Soon, I stopped trying to put things together, and instead would just ask, what should come next? Next thing I know, another page worth of ideas pop up on the paper in less than 5 minutes. I was really writing at all, but rather actively communicating with a force that wanted me to see it expressed in a form I could understand, both visually in my head, and verbally through written word.

Going to bed that evening, I wound up having a process experience that I was familiar with in it’s makeup (that is, I was familiar with the parts of the process), but not the whole process as it happened. My spine began to feel as if it were “locking into place”, as did my pelvis bones. My perineum locked into place, and a huge surge of energy that took a life of its own began piercing its way through my esoteric anatomy, along with varying sounds that cannot really be described. It felt like a female entity was riding me, as the interaction started there in the sexual regions of the body, but soon began to feel like a ripping of resistant energy from my complete body. It wasn’t really a comfortable feeling, but it was a welcomed interaction, and after about 30 minutes the interaction mellowed into a band of despite having only two hours of sleep the night before, I was finally able to go to bed, only to awaken after 3 hours as if I had slept for 20!

At that point, I knew that I wasn’t creating something that needed the momentum of human history to find it’s power. Rather, I was attracting and melding with forces that had been waiting for me to personally find them, and now I was opening myself to realizing that which was there since the beginning.

We evoke powers as entities, but these things are just as real in all matters as the things we call real right now. I don’t even call entities spirits anymore, because even though we register then mostly in an ethereal sense, when we get really involved with them, all our senses get to register just how real these beings are. I’m pretty sure that kiss and caress was definitely enticing to all the senses, and perhaps what went on in your dreams was even crazier!

Thanks for posting this stuff up here, it’s definitely a contribution that is very valuable to folks like myself. These posts were one of the reasons I tried to start writing a mythos for practical magic work, and without doing anything else but writing with intent to create and realize, along with a sense of optimistic wonder, I got a lot more than I expected to receive. You said before, if you believe in these entities, they will believe in you, and work extra hard to make the experience worth your while.

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Could you please write in detail how and with what you summoned Taliahad or at least give a source where I can learn…your info would be very helpful for newb like me and btw did your universal talisman worked?

Welcome to the forum, @Garlas_Atatar. Please take a moment to click the link below and introduce yourself:


Uh hello??

I am interested in working with this spirit to learn how to make really powerful talismans, so this was a great read and a lovely insight to the character of this particular spirit.

Even though your post is 8 years old, thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for the kind words…yes it has been a very long time but im not dead and buried yet…lol

For the past 5 to 8 years ive been on hiatus as a caregiver to a relative of mine who passed away in 2019. Now im back working on a possible book on the practicing magician and im contemplating some blog writing and even a podcast(sadly there are not many out there except for thelema(oliver st john which is great) and glitch bottle). For the past year ive been very busy magickally speaking and hopefully ill return back here with newer(verified) material for everyone to use.

Take care


Everyone needs a break from time to time, it’s crucial to self reflect.

Sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences.

I’m sure you will return in due course, wishing you well!