San la muerte and santa muerte

So i’ve recently experienced a bout of confusion over the two of them, i would like to hear your experiences with the both of them, are they related? Are they completely different? Can a rotual for one be used with the other?

I’m only aware of La Santa Muerte and let me tell you…She…IS…POWERFUL. You have to be careful when working with her because she can be very jealous. I’ve worked with her in the past and she gets things done. sometimes really fast. Other times it can take a few months. I’d recommend reading a few books about her. You’ll learn about her a lot better and you’ll know the kind of things she likes.


I did a working to La Roja Negra of Santa Muerte. The energy was very cutting.

I look forward to doing more work with Santissima. I like her energy.


Santa Muerte is a very Mexican manifestation of Italian, Spanish and Indigenous currents/conceptions of Death. They are from two different countries, which have different histories of colonization. Of course they’re related in some way, due to similar colonial powers, but they’re also different. I wouldn’t mix the two.
If you want some cool reading on Santa Muerte, there’s a book by a white anthropologist whose name I forget. There’s also another called Devoted to Death by Chestnut (also white). Be mindful when you’re investigating these traditions of the inevitable snarkiness from so-called “descriptive” white scientists who value their supreme intellect over the traditions of brown folks. It happens. Also be mindful that she cannot be taken from her cultural context without being something completely different. She just can’t be grafted onto whatever culture or religion you hold dear. She is Mexican and she is Catholic. She loves her rosaries, tequila and pan. And the way she’s venerated and viewed is a very Mexican Catholic way of veneration.


I have never worked with San La Muerte. Typically, he is attributed to be of Argentinian origin whereas Santisima’s modern incarnation is of Mexican origin. I love mi Madrina and know she is strong and powerful. I cannot get a sense of San La Muerte but those who do work with him say he is VERY dark and has the cutting energy without the maternal instinct. In both cases, it is best for them to call you not vice versa.

I am new to santa muerte? From were I am from we call her the grim reap

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I will try to explain what my relationship is with her, if I do have one! As a child 13 years I had a recurring dream of a half dead lady in a hearse horse drawn carriage, gothic, decaying in appearance. In my dreams I was standing in a fog filled forest by a road/track. I wasn’t scared more awaiting something, as the carriage stopped before me, I was beckoned by the lady to approach, I did approach her, I Carnt remember the conversation/interaction just remember that I had never seen a lady so beautiful! Even tho the lady was half coprse! Which I find sick, looking back! What I can remember is the caring, loving feeling, like I was secure! Don’t know what this dream means, but would be glad of peoples input please!

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I have experience with Senor la Muerte/Santa Muerte/San la Muerte. No connection at all. The Senor is the Saint of transgressors and criminals. He is INDEED very dark. Though I did study more modern connections to Qayin I also learned directly under a gentleman from Argentina which deals much more with the folk magick side of things. Honestly I can’t share much on this because of certain binding oaths but… If you have tenacity you can dig authentic info by finding Argentinian internet documents and copy and pasting translations from google translate to a word doc. There are many taboos that (trust me) should not be broken. This tradition can get you dead by dabbling. Skip a few weeks of offerings and watch what happens. HOWEVER, if you can devote yourself to the Senpr of Death there is no protection more severe, or love more pure than what will be gifted back for your efforts. That I PROMISE! Many are a part of his open cult and get awesome results. As a student of the culto privado you WILL NOT leave the path. You will not want to. There will be no reason… Even if you are not part of any criminal element. That does not matter. He is an aspect of death and as such he welcomes all.


The Argentinian cult has a lot of Afro Brazilian influence. However unlike for instance Quimbanda where you learn to “cook” for the Exu or Pombagira before you cut, the Cult of Death in Argentina awakens or bestows anima to the fetish by sacrifice.“Cooking” is then focused on to develop solid repoire with the Saint of Death. Depending on the source some will say you can obtain a fetish from the “house”. Not the case. You have to face death yourself and build the fetish by hand and conduct the consecration ritual yourself. It is a binding pact between you and him. No one can make that pact for you.