Pact with Satan

Hello my name is John, I am from a Southeast Asian country and since childhood i have been very intrigued with the occult. So around 2 AM Feb. 24, I made a blood pact with Satan. I slept thereafter, i woke up with pain on my left arm with a certain kind of heaviness on the deltoid, it must be noted that I pricked my left index finger during the ceremony. I don’t know if i hit a nerve or something. Now, aside from that I have neck pains, like the one you experience from sitting too much in front of the computer.

The question is how will I know if Satan has acceded to our pact? Are yes or no tarots available online are reliable like

I decided to make a pact to show my full commitment.

Thank you for your answers.

It must be noted that I am a former Catholic and Muslim. Hail Satan!


Satan accepts those that are genuine. So, if you gave yourself freely to Him without reservation, I would say you’re good there. The pact you make is very special- using your life force (blood) you are devoting yourself to guide and protect, and to get knowledge from. Now it’s a question of, why you want Satan and development. Satanism is not a religion, like Catholicism and Islam, Satanism is more a philosophy.


Thank you. Your reply is very reassuring. How will i know if he has accepted my pact? Are these pains manifestations of his acceptance or rejection?

I believe you answered your own question about the causes for the pain yourself.

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Hahah, thanks!

Some turn to Satan as rebellion against the Catholic / Muslim faith, some just “feel” it. I had both. Satan was there even as a practicing Catholic, my attraction to Him was strong even then. There was a yearning for more. That is called the black flame.


You really should not be worrying this much about whether or not it has worked… This just takes away energy…

I mean… Do the ritual, and forget about it… The more you ponder the less attractive the results will be…

Based on pointers, Ya, there was a connection.
Leave it at that and wait to see…

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why you people mess with blood if you wanna contact with creator :smiley:

if you live in assumption that satan is omnipotent being, you need to understand that he is on level of your deepest desires and if he is willing to pact you, you need to be on level of knowing what you could do to it in return…

im not sure does any ritual actually “pact” you to satan, its more like time/space resonancy and what you can offer to him from your physical existence that he will use his time as singular being to fullfill your desires…

watch out for tricksters and imposters who comes to you with empty hands and start acting like superior/owner towards you under fake name, and stop messing with blood…

and honestly, stop looking for negative signs if you are trying to pact with creator(team)

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