[Free eBook] HERBARIUM DIABOLICUM - Illicit Shamanism For The Dark Adept


Homebrew mind-altering magick experiences… Learn the prohibited rites & recipes of the most potent psychotropic plants for unholy gnosis with Hekate, Samael, Moloch, Lilith & the Qliphothic Gods


Grimoire & Course - Live July 14th

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“Creating God Within” — How Entheogens Unlock The Hidden Doorways To Magick Ascent And Flip Psychic Switches For Advanced Demonic Power… But Only When You Become An Ally Of The Plants

I wanted to share some descriptions from Edgar Kerval and myself regarding our upcoming release Herbarium Diabolicum, as well as give you a chapter from the book that you can download for free right now by following the link below.

This book will be coming out in the middle of July, and it’s going to reveal information about magickally working with forbidden substances and the path of sinister shamanism that has never been published before. If you currently use plants or chemicals to accentuate your magickal practice, or if you have ever considered doing so, you absolutely owe it to yourself to check this book out! I’ll be sharing more information with you concerning Herbarium Diabolicum over the next few weeks, but for now, please enjoy the free chapter, which is available through the link above.

Edgar Kerval Reveals The Many Layers Of Power Contained Within Poison

This book is a magick grimoire of different high-powered plants, as well as their potions, tinctures and other uses within the practices of the Left Hand Path, shamanism, and experimental witchcraft.

Through shamanic practices, the spiritus and corpus come together and are united after their preparation. One can do wonderful things with them, since they have then a hundred times more power than they had previously, for after the conjunction of the souls and body there exists a glorified corpus and a great elixir to be drank. This is the path of the sinister shaman, to drink from the vinum of orgiastic herbal elixirs and manifest all its power in the connection within the spirits.

We call this process the poisonous path. Through this designation we separate the mystical endeavor of magickal transmutation from the mundane veil of hedonism. The “poisonous path” arises not only from the first matter being its toxin, or its mundane somatic effects, but its totality in the transmutation through the magickal art to serve a diversity of spirits and demons emerging through every one of the practices on the poisonous path.

—Edgar Kerval, Herbarium Diabolucum, p.28

E.A. Koetting Finally Comes Clean About The Role Of Illicit Shamanism In His Ascent

To change our reality, we must first change our perception of that reality. We must start to notice the things that we have been ignoring or dismissing, and seek to become aware of the bottomless layered depths of this thing called reality. In doing so, the reality that we experience expands, as does our skill in interacting with the manifold mystery.

Such leaps require a catalyst, a purpose, a need to know that is more important to the Black Adept than even his own physical survival. Sacred substances have reliably acted as such catalysts in every society as far back in time as we are capable of searching. These plants, compounds, and brews, when used with the intentionality of such reality exploration and expansion, can open you to various forms of being that could otherwise never be observed and obtained.

I’ve identified thirteen substances, thirteen entheogenic doorways that you can open by taking them into you, thus becoming the gateway. Remember that once this door has been opened, it can never be truly closed again. What you have seen can never be unseen.

Each of these doorways has very specific psychic switches that it activates in you, very specific powers, traits and capabilities only accessible to those who have made allies with that specific entheogen. In kind, each entheogen will also extract a sacrifice from you.

—E.A. Koetting, Herbarium Diabolicum, p.148

Two Books In One — An Unparalleled Double-Grimoire Of Sinister Shamanism

Herbarium Diabolicum focuses on the systems of shamanism that have been around for longer than recorded history, systems that will probably continue to be around as long as we are able to continue growing plants. He knows exactly what he’s talking about. The information he’s collected and shared in this tome is second to none.

My contribution, The Poison Path, adds a modern context for the modern magician. As I’ve stumbled through the darkness, trying to find my way through my own path of magick, I’ve largely been unaware that I’ve accidentally been opening certain gateways within myself, within reality around me, and within other people. But after reading Edgar’s manuscript, I realized that I had actually been guided to these substances for very specific reasons.

In Herbarium Diabolicum & the Poison Path, you are going to learn:

  • Dark witchcraft of sacred plants for contact with powerful spirits like Hekate, Samael, Lilith, Moloch & more
  • The Cauldron of Lucifer for inner fire alchemy
  • Homebrew tinctures for organic necromancy rites
  • Rite of the Peyote, a.k.a. the “Diabolical Root"
  • Forbidden formulae for fetishes with sacred plants
  • Organic incenses & manifestation bases for gnosis with Qliphothic Gods & Goddesses
  • How to safely brew & consume magick plants, herbs & more
  • Sinister history of shamanic experiences with entheogens & psychedelics
  • And MUCH more…

Sign up right now to receive your FREE chapter. This double-grimoire and companion course become live Tuesday, July 14.

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