How to summon a specific dead person

Evoking A Dead Person.

Evocation of a dead person isn’t evoking their dead soul which is from the afterlife.
When you do this you are essentially evoking the person who was alive, not the person who’s passed away into the realm of the dead.

The person will be a mixture of their astral self, samsaric self and the whole living consciousness of that person embodied.

The best way to do this with absolute sufficiency is what ill be showing you now.

The Set-Up.

The ritual area should be cleaned physically first as I was instructed.

Items required

  1. One white candle
  2. One black candle
  3. One purple candle
  4. A picture of the person
  5. Object of the person (optional)
  6. Frankincense

The white candle symbolises the life of the person, you’re pulling on the force of their once existed living self.

The black candle symbolises death and the dead, you are pulling the spirit of the deceased to you.

The purple candle represents necromancy the art of pulling the dead before you to commune with them.

The picture of the person is a fetish link, as well as a sigil for the deceased.
Of course you can use a item in combination with the photo to increase the fetish link to the deceased this is optional.

The reason for frankincense is because this has been used for offering for the dead for hundreds of years.

Necromancers even used frankincense in rituals and ceremonies to contact the dead.

Place the candles on the ground in a triangular shape, the right point should be the white candle, the left point should be the black.
The final fronted point should be the purple candle.

Place in the centre of the triangle frankincense, best if done with resin on a coal.
If charcoal and frankincense resin isnt obtainable then use incense sticks or cones place three around the triangle three at each point.

Now the area is set up time to get down to the summoning rite.

The Summoning Rite.

Begin by speaking this litany it creates a energy shift In the atmosphere, to better conjure the dead.

" As the dark rings of Saturn move and the Saturnian storm brews, it’s devils open the doors.
As the blood moon bleeds, the legions of the dead rise. By the forces that be and by the ancient forces of magick, may the world of the living and the dead align.

In the name of Az Jahi Goddess of death, gift me your blessing to conjure the deceased.
In the name of Azrael angel of death, gift upon your blessing to open the door of the afterlife.
By my power and the blessing laid upon, I wake the dead

Frem’rah Welin Inz Vah Iretempal Vaskalla ".

Once the litany has be spoken, feel the change in and the shift of energy creating a perfect atmosphere for the evocation.

Next light the incense, light the candles.

As you light the white candle say.
“Powers of life, whether existed or gone awaken within the flame”.

As you light the black candle say
“Powers of death and the dead, whether to die or already dead awaken within this flame”.

As you light the purple candle say
“Powers of Saturn, the rings between life and death awaken within this flame”.

Now take the photo of the deceased individual, look into it like it’s sigil.
Scry into it and gaze into it like opening a sigil dropping deeper into the theta gamma sync.

As you do this repeat the name of the person over and over.

The images will actually glow, or morph and distort and change just like a sigil.
As you do this the energy and the presence of the dead will spill into the area, just like the presence of a spirit from a sigil.

Place the photo in the triangle, light the incense.
Close your eyes and visualise a column of energy rising from the image entering the smoke of the incense.

If you have a small object of the person you can hold it in your hand, with the intention of opening psychic channels to the dead.

Then say

" I summon forth (name of the deceased) come to me, I call you forth (name of the decease) awaken from your dwelling and come, (name of the deceased) come.

I rouse you before (name of the deceased) as if you are still alive. (Name of the deceased) I breathe life back into you, (name of the deceased) I give you this call to come, by the powers that be I bring you to me, (name of the deceased) come, (name of the deceased) come ".

With your right hand guide the energy and power and presence of the spirit into the psychic maelatorm of astral power in the smoke.

The triangle will stabilise the spirit, along with the incense and fetish item and programmed candles.

Remember funnel a lot of your energy into this as they don’t possess the same power as any regular spirit.

If the deceased is close to you, bring something with you that you know they liked in life, like a cigar, their favourite candy, their favourite food or drink etc.

Now the deceased is before you ready to commune with, of course for those that can structure the evocation of the dead can become even physical.




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You ask az juhi teach me necromancy and this popped up thank you

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Thank you so much for sharing this with us, but can you explain the difference between the dead soul in the realm of the dead and the essence of the person when they were alive? I have always been able to contact and communicate with spirits, but I’m just starting to learn how to work with dead people. Can I expect the personality of the deceased (if I knew them in life) to be different if I encounter them in the underworld? Would they still recognize me and remember that they knew me when they were alive?

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What is you don’t have Frankincense.

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Since it’s there self when they were alive and I still having a legitimate conversation with them? Like if I asked her why’d she’s do it could she answer me in real time during this ritual?

Yes I know that question sounded dark