Painful astral projections

Hello, Im new to this forum and to black magic in general. One thing Ive been able to do for a long time tho is astral projections. In the beginning many years ago they happened often before I fell into sleep, I could feel light vibrations always before I consciously separated and left my body (often flew right up). In the beginning I couldnt see anything during this, I was moving around but I was blind. This I was able to fix.

Nowdays I cant do this as easily, except in the mornings when I wake up. Ive tried E.As techniques for soul travel for a few days now but Ive never been able to do it in a sitting position. Only when in bed, newly awake.

My problem now is that when I separate I get insanely powerful vibrations, especially in my head. They last until Ive managed to leave my body. They are so powerful it feels like my brain is being surged by strong electricity, its painful and feels like Im gonna die. I didnt have them this intense in the beginning when I started astral projecting, so Im wondering if anyone knows whats the cause of this?

Edit: last time I did it I also felt the strong presence of something touching the back of my head. I was not alone there but it was just a confusing mess with the intense vibrations and the feeling of a “hand” on my head so I couldnt see what it was, when I forced myself to wake up in my physical body.


Thank you, I did!

I saw. Thank you, and welcome! :slight_smile:

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I have had simulair sensations where it feels as if I cant contain all that is happening, can anyone explain where this feeling originates from?

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Pain can occur when more energy is trying to flow than the body can handle, usually because of blocks and restrictions. I’d recommend looking into picking up an energy working practice such as gigong, yoga etc to build your ability to handle more energy and clear the energy points to allow it to pass through smoothly.


I remember my arms where soooo sore why trying to astral project I couldn’t even hold my own purse. It was horrible it lasted just three days.:sob: