How do you personally know or feel when a demon has completed a job for you?

Hello, again.

This question is very straightforward and I know the answer. You just KNOW when the job is done… whether it’s intuition or a physical sign you just know…

Well, I asked Vine to make a a person in my life feel all the love and pain I felt for them. Well, few hours after the evocation the person texts me. They didn’t say they missed me or whatever just tried to start a conversation . Now my question is: would you interpret this as the job being complete?

I simply don’t want to make my offerings to Vine if the job was not complete yet. I don’t need instant results, but rather am looking for others’ opinions on whether the job is done or not. I have never had this much trouble before.

Thank you!

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In my opinion : yes. If you want to follow up you can do more workings on them, but I believe this is the sign that what you asked has been done.


I would say ask Vine directly. This could be the start of the manifestation you have asked for, but it doesn’t hurt to ask just to make sure. If you have made multiple offerings, I say give half now, & wait to see what happens

But this is no doubt at the very least, the beginning of the manifestation!!


I like that idea. Gonna give him half the offerings now. I figured it was done but damn it was fast and I wanted this person to suffer for months. Guess I might have to make a pact.

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I believe your original question has been answered… although I do wonder as to why you would want them to suffer? My view is that if you wanted them to feel “all the love and the pain”, then it is quiet obvious you would desire for them to love you back… ain’t it so? And as such the text was a bridge for you two to connect and possibly then further extend that relationship to display love, affection, and even pain (an emotion often and unfortunately associated with love… albeit usually a love gone wrong, a passion that hasn’t manifested in the most desired state). The only way they can really FEEL your love is by forming that bond and connection with you, and experiencing that which you have to offer… and hopefully requite :slight_smile: I wish you all the best on your journey: all the best! #love-sex-magick-relationships

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