Love spell vs Lust spell

Yes I am a beginner and would like to have my girlfriend back.We dated for only 2 months and she end it with me due to some issues. She stays in Sydney, Australia. I would appreciate if anyone could help me out get her back with me.I love her so much.

Where can I search for the forum

The little magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen.


So not even a really powerful spirit can help make that happen if they were requested to that way? What about giving her memories of her meeting and talking to me and having it be a positive experience, would that help to make it work easier?

One is to attract that nice girl you wanna give a foot rub, wine n dine, and then take to the bedroom. Bring her home to meet the parents all that shit. Lust is for that thot you want to smash and dash on.


No. There is something called the “sphere of influence.” This is the concept that it is far easier to influence people and manifest things that are in the same sphere as you are. If you are homeless and sleeping in a cardboard box, doing magick to drop a million dollars into your lap isn’t going to work because it is too far from where you are. It doesn’t matter how powerful the spirit is, it just ain’t gonna happen. Been there, done that.

However, you could enchant to be accepted for welfare. You could enchant to get a place at a shelter. These things would be well within your sphere, and as each one comes to you, your sphere begins to grow. Soon, your magick can bring you a job, your own apartment, a girlfriend. Brick by brick you expand your sphere of influence and build your life, and eventually it will extend past your neighborhood, your city, your state, but you have to start small.

I don’t think you really grasp what we are working with here. You are never going to be able to score this famous person. You will never be able to “implant memories” of you meeting. It is far too difficult to accomplish for someone new to magick. There are probably a few on this forum that could do it, but they have been practicing for many years.

If I were you, I’d first try to score the babe next door. If you can’t bang someone in your own backyard, you don’t have a hope in all the Hells of banging someone famous who lives a thousand miles away.


Plus most famous girls aren’t even all that, they use a shit load of makeup and they have money to afford crazy surgery to look exotic, it’s mostly makeup tho, your better off just looking for a cute everyday girl

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Always when I have a doubt I look at the latest British royal marriage and I tell myself everything is possible and sky is the limit…:grin:

Have you done a lust spell and if so. How do you do it ? What are the side effects ? If there are side effects how do I put an end to it ?

I know a girl who I see daily and we had attraction in the past. You could say we are not supposed to have intimate relationships because we have been raised like brother and sister so. I know the spell will work. I justa want to know how to do it and if there are side effects. Thank you for reading

It actually depends on your own definition of what love and lust are.

For someone lust may be the same thing love is to the other. Demons respond to your perception and beliefs.

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veronica do you do spells for other people? im trying to get spells that actually work

@hix Please stop going around asking people to do spells for you. This is the third person you have asked in as many threads. This could be seen as harassment of members.

Also, please make your next post an introduction, as I previously told you. It is a rule here, and failure to do so may result in the suspension of your account and removal of your posts.


Hi, please read @DarkestKnight’s post above, what he is saying is very important.

If you joined a forum where people talk about car maintenance, that would not mean people were willing to come to your house anf fix your car. And members may not advertise or solicit for paid work on this forum.


hi guys sorry

im looking to either start magick or learn tips from others in the occult

You need to tell us about yourself more,we like to know who we are talking to.

Please post an introduction in our Intro thread. It is one of the rules of this forum. Tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you have.

Just click on the link provided.

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Sorry for reviving the thread, but i like to search the forums and ask questions before making new threads or PMing people

Which would you use for say a a step-sibling or cousin?
They kind of already “love” you, but is it the right kind of love???

Im new to magick, canyou elaborate on how to divine the consequences and/or recommend a good spell to use?

Imgoing to toss this out here too for people reading that may be able to answer (saves making a new thread)

Been reading practical jinn magick by corwin hargrove (found it recommended while searching the forum) the “cause obbsessive thoughts in others” gives caution to using it to make someone obsessively admire you, but doesnt elaborate on what bad things could happen? Wondering if anybody could elaborate on what bad things might happen? Also the book recommends making my requests exagerated/flamboyant? Is the way i understood that chapter?
Wondering if anybody could possibly help with my wording or flamboyance to make sure im doing it right?

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Whichever your preferred method of divination is. Tarot cards, runes, scrying, ECT.

“Sexy time”, the Mr Borat way… hahaha!

Question: do you think I can use a ritual for lust for a man and hope that he can fall in love? I would do it just to unlock it a bit … I don’t want to force anyone to love me, also because it would be just a stupid obsession, I would like a natural feeling to be born with the push of lust … maybe with the help of Asmodeus … opinions ?