If someone’s will is strong, will a lust/ love spell not work on them?

Does it work.

Yea, when you do a contact spell you should wait until they contact you.

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Er hiya… Similar issues was hoping I could run it by you and you could point me in the right direction? Cheers

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i watch those sometimes LOL

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can you PM me new to forum can’t pm you myself

Can’t find this video, could you send me the link?

Can you guide me as well? I have been going thru hell with my ex-fiancé. I have tried things but there seems to be huge blockages…he says he loves me then walks away…

I don’t see the link

It depends on how strong their will is. And if they know you practice Magick, they might be prepared for that.

Evil ex tried to use a lust spell on me. When it hit, I knew it had to be him. I ignored his texts and put new batteries in my vibrator instead. :smiling_imp:

By the same token, a spell I cast made him crawl back.

He had impulse control issues. Me? I refuse to be manipulated by anyone, magician or mortal - and have the self-control to stick to my guns.


I need help with the same thing , already in contact and kinda dating . Just need to increase sweetness between us and speed things up . Also cause her to fall in love :grin:

Strictly speaking, you don’t necessarily need spells for that. Have you tried sending flowers, or maybe surprising her with a playlist or a book you think she’d like? That would definitely get my attention.

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I don’t use such spells because I’ve never needed to, I don’t make attempts at influencing people’s decisions for romantic purposes. But… I have found myself in situations with a few rather unattractive women and found myself wondering why. Later I would discover that they had done influencing spells on me. Usually first through my own divination then later confirmed by mutual associates and friends. I like to think of myself as a strong willed individual and also a powerful magician and psychic. However once I know that this was the case the spell is broken I’m no longer attracted and in most cases quite cross with them. However during those times I was an alcoholic, my judgement impaired, and I never have been shallow. But… When you surround yourself with other magicians you make yourself more susceptible to having more opportunities to have magick done on you for both better or worse. So yes you can influence a strong willed person so long as they don’t realize you are doing it, even fellow magicians given the circumstances are ripe for it. Yet fellow magicians quickly discover what you are up to, with muggles I imagine it could go on un detected for quite some time.


Precisely. I knew exactly what my ex was capable of and refused to give in. (I burned out my vibrator, but he didn’t get what he wanted :smiling_imp:)


Good for you, I find it repugnant personally. If I want someone back, very rarely if ever, I make one genuine heartfelt attempt and then the ball is in their court. If they don’t respond then I don’t waste anymore time with it. I suggest the OP does the same.

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My name Asante, Im new to this entire thing of Magic ive done some but not a whole lot, My current Goals are to become more powerful than I currently am and accomplish what Ive dreamt about, My current struggles are trying to unlock my power and regain what I used.i need a mentor

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