Third eye opening - How to do it?

I too would like the answer to that question.

How would one know if its a parasite?


Ohhh there is a bunch a ways. It would bother especially during meditation.
Best way to find out I think you would need a proper scan.


I call up on Lucifer and Satan. Saying out loud my affirmation :loud_sound:. In The name of Lucifer banish! And in the name of Satan banish! Thinking of the target i wan’t to be gone. Walking around my house sprinkling pure salt water Infused with golden light. That seems to me to do the trick. I can’t feel any energy in my house after this “Ritual” i must say. Complete balance. :sunglasses::stars:


I am definitly going to do this next weekend! Tyvm


This helped, i actually feel pressure on my forehead and middle brain

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Hello sir can u please tell me the result coz i sometime do it perfectly and aometimes it wont work i dont know why but i think its because of me could that be possible

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how does the obsidion mirror method works?

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Of course @Mahasky . Starting from the top;

  1. The Blue Ray meditation - it has slow but accumulative effects on me. Meaning initially it didn’t produce or give me anything of interest. It took about a week or so until I noticed small
    things like, better concentration, easier to slip into a light trance state for example. Other than that I started to gain headaches. Week 2 the former still had been building up momentum, again slowly, then came some other abilities which started to blossom, one such were intuition then came a slight improvement in clairaudience; meaning that the telepathic voices that’s communing with you in evocations among other things improved. Week three the former has been building up more however I started have lots of dreams, often they made no sense at all until after documenting them and looking into the symbols in them, they often revealed very interesting things about me and what I was doing. The dreams occurred pretty regularly meaning not everyday but just about every other or so. Then on week four came the overall real improvement of my psychic senses especially clairaudience, clairvoyance and I forget the term for sensing things beyond the flesh. Note in my case it was clairsentience that developed a bit first then as that sense developed my clairvoyance started to develop a bit as well. So based on this and so other experiences with other exercise, your strongest sense is usually the one that improves first , then the other start to develop as well. One beef that I have modern view of senses is that if you work on one of them the other will usually blend in and improve alongside the first, you can of course improve each separately to make the experience come alive more, however you can’t separate them as they all make up the experience of everything related to the physical as well as your spiritual make up.

  2. A really great exercise to couple up with number one, there’s a lot of info about the chakras and mantras online so I won’t get into that. However, unlike the blue ray meditation the results can usually be felt right away in some way. Meaning if something is blocked you are going to notice, if you activate a chakra and more energy is passing through your system, you are going to notice that your mind might feel clearer afterwards, which is a good sign and one you at likely going to notice on your first try. Then as you progress or in my case, a little everyday more and more blockages where discovered and I had to find a way get around the blockage, this is done both with energy work, which I’ll talk about later, as well as connecting to-and understand the cause of the blockage that’s related to the specific chakra. After about six months or so of working through several blockages, I started to gain some results as if you unblock one you’ll release more energy to a minor and a major chakra point only to discover that it’s a minor or major one that is blocked.

One them were a general sense of emotional well-being, mentally I felt way more collected and composed, basically anything could happen and I could still concentrate and hold my cool and not be affected by chaos or a treat. In terms of magical workings I had a whole lot more energy to spare. Overall many spiritual abilities started to unlock for me, like remote viewing, telepathic communication, increased abilities my to send energy as well as feeling the energy or inanimate objects at a great distance, among many other things.

  1. The energy work primer that’s baked into the Mastering Kundalini course is nothing short of fantastic. What I mean by that is that it contains everything that you’ll need to work with the chakras, as well as your energy body and much more. However, to my actual results I’ve been inconsistent as of late but his approach works by using something called tactile imaging and by using that you stimulate an area or several areas of your body simultaneously, this usually leads to you having images of f.e the suggested orb moving through your arm and so forth. By doing this regularly you’ll likely start to see that it helps removing blockages, especially those hard to reach place like in your spine, or making sure the often neglected chakras in your hands and feet start to work.

As for me, initially I had a very uneven energy flow and I also became very tired initially, I also ran into the common problem by not being able to sleep. That stemmed from doing energy work before sleep; not recommended. After about two months or so doing this about one hour a day, then I started to have more energy going through my system and with that, it removes minor bloackages and started to help dissolve the larger one’s by “attacking” the blockages along the pathway from another direction. As the spritual blockages unwinded I started to experience very vivid dreams, not only where they really clear but I could also remember them really well. Excluding the former also came an improved astral recall, menaing I where able to remember experience in trance states much longer and clearer. Trance experiences for me usually fades not long after you’ve had them, with this method I remember them longer. As for the quick development of my spiritual sense I attribute this mostly due to this course, but when coupled with the other methods above it creates a very potent synergistic efffect.

  1. The holy grail of chakra meditation and awakening most of their power according to me. The author also have several video seminars worth checking out. The short results list includes; activating each chakra at the beginning sequentially, then you are expected to activate all of them at once. The book contains a lot of info you won’t find a lot about anywhere else. However, I digress. The results for this started with the first chakra after about a week after meditating on the chakra as suggested thenI started to become really warm, sweating even it was likely I became a living oven, which is a good thing in this regard, it started to flare up as per the visualization and created a flaming aura around it that expanded upwards through my chakra system and started to energize me. This was initially felt as being very much in my head. I did this first exercise for 90 breaths (exhalations and inhalation’s). I suggest you either get a hold of Kuji-in for everyone or Advanced Kuji-in from the same author. This approach demands a lot of time and dedication but the results according to me are worth it.

With all of the above said; I still work on my sense everyday to: A). Maintain them; B). Develop them further as I believe there are no real limit to how well you can develop these.

To Note: a lot of people tend to give up on this part of their unfolding way too quickly. Development of your chakras and such is important but feeling things, the energy of objects and feelings of people and such are just as important so dedicate some time to aura expansion and attempt to feel everything within the aura and you’ll find that the development of your other senses will gradually and noticeably increase.

Finally. Development of your spiritual senses and abilities take time, this is a marathon and not a sprint. Initially I was very impatient and frustrated at the lack of results, however five years into this and I am finally starting to reap the rewards of my hard work. One final thing also be sure to add your spin to things once the original idea have been tried and tested, this is because it’s important for your develop your trademark as a god or goddes as well, through selfexpression everything related to the spiritual will manifest and their developed this is, the more potent the results will usually be.

Note: development may go faster or slow depending on; your discipline, your inheritance (blood line witch/sorcerer), if you are already working within a system of magick, as developing your senses and such are usually included in what is these days termed as pathworking/s, also this factor also applies: if you are more sensitive or already have a partially developed sense, that is the sense that’s going to trigger the initial experience for you. What I mean is that if you already have a strong intuition then that is the sense you’ll likely start to notice any improvements in that sense first before any other. If you are brand new DON’T BE DISCOURAGED, keep at it because in not too long you’ll become very proficient and skilled and you’ll start to reach heights and states which you previously thought was fantasy. It doesn’t have to take five years to start to get results you’ll likely achieve major leaps by the first year mark if you keep at it, you’ll likely start to notice real improvements in months and noticeable results in weeks.

Sorry for this really long reply. I wanted to be thorough this time in terms of relaying my experiences, while adding some inspirational words to beginners who might struggle with this aspect of their development.

All the best


ive never tried it…i dont have any tools i cant take in any tools in my house

did blue ray meditation require a candle…or can it be done without any specific materials

It did require a candle for me. E.A more or less suggest that you do it along with him without one. You probably can but a physical object for me really did the trick, feel free to try each approach and see what works for you. I like having physical things as it makes an experience more tangible.

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is there any requirements of candle colour…coz in my state there is only about 3 colours of candles.

I went for a dark blue color @Mahasky . The color differed somewhat to the one seen in this guided instruction. The color is well not dark blue according to me but it’s well, blue;

The instruction is very similar to the instruction found in Mastering Black Magick Video course as well as the Mastering Soul Travel video course. Go ahead and try and see where you end up. Go ahead and do the exercise along with him if you don’t have the candle, but if you can afford it, order one from amazon.


yes thanks alot for helping me out …ill tell u as soon as i see the result thanks alot


Thank you for that, but it’s way more important you see the results for yourself and feel happy about that, then it is for me seeing them. Which in turn help you learn to trust yourself and your progress. With that said though, feel free to let me know how it goes should you feel like it. If I can help out I’ll try to do if I know how. In case I don’t I’ll refer you to somewhere-or someone else. Good luck :+1:.

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Good luck

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yes thnks alot

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How did you discover your HGA ?