Hello Everyone,
My Name is Rabbinder and I am very new to magic, I do believe in it for a long time but have not tried it…
December 2019 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and have an additional disease mysthania gravis… Have been battling with pain for 4 months… I am loosing hope… Pain has not decresed a bit… I respect Lucifer alot and never thought would like to call him for help but being honest I have approached this platform to seek help from all of you experienced and helpful magicians to guide me as to how I can get in touch with lucifer and tell him my worries… I am bit lost at present minute. Looking for ur guidance


Those are 2 difficult “but not unmanageable” medical conditions you got there Rabbinder and my heart goes out to you.

I’m assuming since you know what your conditions are you would have seen a doctor.

There is a calcium made from algae that is know to cause bone growth and increase bone density look into it. It’s labeled as a nutritional supplement.

Has anyone ever mentioned a “Thymectomy”, you might talk to your doctor about this one.

Now, you better do a proper into in the introductions section before someone notices LOL.


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Thank you @Aprentiz, I will definitely find out about algae calcium and thymectomy is not an option as I don’t have thymus gland present. … Pain doesn’t seem to go down for some reason. As for intro… I’ll try again… This time including more of magic n less of illness :slight_smile: