My dream before entering LHP

I had a dream…there were a lot things in my dream…surrounding was pitch black. There was nothing but blackness everywhere. I remember only one definite part…I remember looking down and seeing my chest, stomach full of large cuts and huge claw marks.It wasn’t that of a ordinary animal , but something not of this world because of the size of the cuts … strange thing is that I didn’t feel any pain, I wasn’t confused, I wasn’t scared …I felt powerful… I felt strong like a beast reborn , A strength I have never felt before… i felt like a new being … in fact I was laughing. My whole sloppy body was transformed into a powerful well built body with veins stucking out in my chest, my arms etc . I was sweating i think . But I felt like I achieved something … i felt like a beast … I felt like a unholy and divine being … it’s like these beastly claw marks had given me power and unleashed or awakened some very ancient beast within me. I was totally in control of my dream… this was before I had entered the LHP and black magic…

Could someone interpret my dream ? What it means ? Was it a calling ? Was it just a random dream…

Thanks guys for your opinions !

Not feeling pain. Thats like an adrenaline rush. Maybe the interpretation is you have an ego boost and feel powerful, so do not see the real danger or damage being done.

Thank you …Meowlix

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