Valknut Meaning


I was wondering if anyone knew the definitive meaning of the Valknut symbol that was used by pre-christian Germanic & Scandinavian cultures? It looks like a really cool geometric symbol and I’m considering of possibly getting a tattoo.

Any assistance as well as any references would be greatly appreciated!

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So here’s a mad one, seems to be a convergence of the 9 different angles (ring a bell, anyone) to access other realms and also, a godlike state of co-creation that transcends the causal. :+1:




LOL @Lady_Eva I didn’t even notice your reply until I was about to post :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, we were both poised to hit “paste”! :laughing:

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I think in the absence of verifiable archaeological stuff, all we have is personal perceptions and experiences with using it, at the moment.

(Actually, a group working to cause infomration on its previous meanings to be discovered may be pretty cool.)

Actually, there IS verifiable archeological “stuff” in reference to the symbol valknut with two stones having this rune, and it has been found in Sweden on the Gotland island. So, there you go! :wink: