Offerings for first Evocation of Marbas?

I plan on building a relationship with Marbas. What would be a good offering to show my willingness to build a relationship with him?

He specifically requested cinnamon rolls from me though I’m not sure why. As soon as I left them out he arrived and I got to feel him - he arrived as huge white lion :smiley:


Meditated with the sigil in my hand while asking this. Got steak, wood carving, and hand rolled cigarettes.
i’m still trying to figure out the correlation, but there you go.


Thank you. I will message you as I said before when I find it and I am not swamped with all this work stuff. This is great. I will try it. x


Steak? I can do that. Thanks. Makes a change from spirits wanting wine

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I woke up sick today. First time being sick in ages. Really runny nose, brain fog, fever, sore throat, the normal cold/flu stuff. I finally clued into the fact that maybe I could reach out and ask for spiritual assistance. I began looking up information on which demon would be a good fit for helping me to heal, and of course I stumbled across Marbas! I am ever so happy that I did. I then did a quick search to find out what kind of offerings Marbas would like when being called upon for help, my search quickly lead me to this post where you recommended Cinnamon rolls. Guess what… 2 days ago my roommate bought cinnamon rolls, this is the first time in probably 6 months or more that cinnamon rolls have been brought into this house… coincidence? I think not. So, even though I was feeling sick and lifeless I used the enn “Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas” while looking at his enn, I noticed it start to move so I took that as a sign of arrival and layed out my request to Marbas. I asked that he would come forth and pour his healing energy into me, to cause a swift healing of my sickness, to bestow upon be perfect health as swiftly as possible. I stated that as an offering to Marbas, when I was done making this request that I would go to the kitchen and bake cinnamon rolls, and leave one on a plate in my room as an offering. I then thanked Marbas for being present and hearing my request, and then went out to the kitchen. By the time I arrived into the kitchen (5 seconds) I noticed that my nose which had previously been running consistently all night, requiring me to blow it every 30 seconds to a minute, had now stopped running, stopped itching, my head felt much clearer/lighter and I just generally felt much less sick. This all happened literally about 20 minutes ago. I would like to say to you AradiaX, and also to Marbas whom I know is watching me type this, Thank you very much for the help. I truly appreciate the knowledge/info you gave AradiaX about the rolls, and the healing that you’ve performed upon me Marbas. This is indeed one of the quickest manifestations of demonic help that I’ve personally seen happen right before me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Now my nose doesn’t have to get irritated every 30 seconds! lol.

Have a great day/night (whatever time it is for you when you read this)


That’s wonderful! I’m so happy you had that experience and were able to use what he shared with me :smiley: :black_heart:!


he is also great at helping with shapeshifting he actually is the best daimon out there and should in my opinon be higher than president he is amazing and just incredible

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A glass of water is a good symbol of respect .