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Topics related to magick in general.

New Magician Help & Introductions

Topics related to new magicians and their introductions.

Journals, Group Rituals & Free Readings

Topics related to member journals, group rituals & free readings.

E.A. Koetting

Questions for author E.A. Koetting, and discussion of his works.

Asenath Mason

Questions for author Asenath Mason, and discussion of her works.

Kurtis Joseph

Questions for author Kurtis Joseph, and discussion of his works.

Asbjörn Torvol

Questions for author Asbjörn Torvol, and discussion of his works.


Topics related to divination, scrying, tarot, runes, bones, and more.

Spirits, Evocation & Possession

Topics related to gods, demons, angels, evocation, and possession.

Soul Travel, Planes & Ascended Masters

Topics related to soul travel, planes, and ascended masters.

Kundalini, Chakras & Energy Work

Topics related to kundalini, chakras, and energy work.

Black Magick & The Left Hand Path

Topics related to black magick and left hand path philosophy.

Vodoun, Santeria, Palo Mayombe & African Magick

Topics related to vodoun, santeria, palo mayombe, and more.

Satanism, Luciferianism & Qliphothic Magick

Topics related to satanism, luciferianism, diabolism, and the qlipha.

Norse Magick, Heathenry & European Paganism

Topics related to Norse magick, heathenry & European paganism.

Necromancy & Death Magick

Topics related to necromancy and death magick.

Chaos Magick, Psionics & Technology

Topics related to chaos magick, psionics, and technology.

The Elements & Nature Magick

Topics related to the elements and nature magick.

White Magick, Right Hand Path & Sephirothic Magick

Topics related to white magick and the right hand path religion.

Health, Beauty & Shapeshifting

Topics related to health, beauty, and shapeshifting.

Love, Sex Magick & Relationships

Topics related to love, sex magick, and relationships.

Money & Law

Topics related to money and law.

Baneful Magick, Curses & Vampirism

Topics related to baneful magick, curses, and vampirism.