A Newly Double Damned Soul

I died and some deamon feom hell borrowed my body while my soul was in the abyss/void but the spirit returned me to my body the next day.

But just recently I double damned my soul.

Not sure what will hapen next, but i have a strange excitement to see what will be.

I made two blood pacts in one night essentially splitting / selling my soul twice

One to a living god, One To A Living Goddess

Earthen-Dragon Can Now Ascend !

I’m not sure what this post is supposed to be @T31337, but you joined us last April and have never introduced yourself properly, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick, ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


New to magick, expanding my divination skills and working on soul travel.

No real magick experience in past

My First Reading After Dedication To My New Living Goddess

So you “sold your soul”. To who did you sell it to if you don’t mind me asking?



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Please post in English folks, it’s our common language on here and makes member-moderation easier. :+1:

He sold it to the devil, he is now going to become a famous rapper and get lots of bitches And money and die from cocaine at 25,

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Actually I did not sell my soul, i gave it away.
Now jesus lost it and the devil cant get it either.

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The 死 symbol on my hand is the Japanese symbol of death, sorry if i made the moderators job harder with that post.

No, you’re good, but I took a reply off which was not in English. :+1:

Oh,ok ") cool.

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I’m curious to ask, but did you work with Yama, god of death and judgement, just assuming based upon the Japanese characters.

No, but i was visited by death and taken to the abyss once before a few years ago. But i tbink it was the grim reaper, i just used the japanese symbol because it looks cooler and more like a sigil than the english word.

Jesus didn’t loose his soul. He is quite powerful.
Now you gave away your soul. now that can mean many things. One being, an entity now owns you.

Another thing it could mean is that you are that entities child. Meaning that reformed you and now you are the entity’s child.

Or you gave away your astral body.

Or you will now be employed by the entity in the afterlife (Not a slave) for a time period or all of eternity.
But you seem like someone more experienced than myself. But I don’t know what you did but anyways good luck…hope U won’t regret this decision

Thanks, same

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I recieved the spirits words sounded like
As tash tandaro

This what google said when i said it to the translate