How to increase/work sexual energy/testosterone

For the sake of vitality and creative power, how does one do this?

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Try working with Mars planetary energy.

Stop ejaculating.


Drugs. Everything isn’t magick.


strength exercise not cardio focus and good healthy food, proper nutrients of natural vitamins if you lacking nutrients, and food that avoids soybean type of food. those have estrogen. opposite of what u want. And no ejaculation.

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Semen Retention! If you have any questions, PM me.

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DONT have sex or jackoff. Exercise to exhaustion every day…or at least 4 out of 7 days (cool down is neccessary) . Try also using a ketone diet (no evidence that this works but since it helps in shedding fat and developing muscle, why not? Being fit is increased testosterone.

No! Bad idea. People who open their 3rd eye with drugs when it aint otherwise ready to open create holes in their energy body. I’ve done it myself. It can be healed, but its best not to do it.

vitamin D, fish oil, ashwaganda, healthy diet, no masturbation, no ejaculation, no porn, practice tantra.

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you don’t exercise to failure. That’s training body for injury and low performance. You stop when your feeling at peak is about to go down. Best to train when your at peak more often then train exhaustion more often. Never workout to exhaustion. It’s bad programming. It’s increase high intensity workout to build muscle that increase testosterone. Basically build muscle. Fast sprint, intense muscle usage like isometrics or heavy weights. Short intense workout is best. Also you need rest and proper food. Long cardio actually decrease testosterone.

Semen retention.