Archangel Raziel evocation

Well…in the very recent past I have wanted to reach out to Raziel to learn the secrets of universe as pertaining to business and finance and how to create financial flow and prosperity in my life. And I have also wanted to have political, local political, influence.

Today at work a man randomly stopped by my food demo at one of the grocery stores that I was work at and…he just happened to be running for a local office. He also said that he liked my ideas and was looking for a sales pitch for how to draw his audience. He said we was going to use what I said in his upcoming political speech.

Here is the thing…I have evoked Raziel in the past, but the timing was off. Never the less as soon as I wanted things to manifest, it did. I have a new job and other additional monies are coming into my life now and now this. This is not the real work, but I have to give him credit because I did call upon his power current to be in my life up to the time of evocation.

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I am going to continue this topic on another thread in this section entitled Lessons From Raziel


So tonight I was a bit surprised at the evocation where I, according to E.A.'s instructions, am supposed to ask Raziel to surround me with servitors. I began talking to him about the new financial and political prosperity that was coming into my life. His response was that he has nothing to do with that sort of thing. He prepares people by teaching them how to deal with personal matters, and assisting with servitors, but he does not help with money, politics, and etc. His current itself strengthens us, but that the attraction of prosperity was done by my own focus and power. That is what his servitors are for and they handle that…and I would need to seek them out on such matters.

Gotta say, I am not used to spirits telling me no, but if that is not his purpose then it makes sense to seek out others.
There were a lot of personal things that were covered and some things controversial…so I will skip that part.

Anyway, he gives great practical wisdom and insight and was very easy to work with. Blessed Be.


You can Try Wearing the Archangel Raziel Crystal which is Quartz. Also You can Go for Archangel Raziel Prayer
!!! O Archangel Raziel !!!

You Are The Keeper Of All The Secrets

Please Bless Me To Know Them All

Please Increase My Wisdom

Please Release All Negative Belief From Me

Please Make Me More Clear To Understand Divine Guidance

Please Open My Channels Of Connection With God

Please Be My Spiritual Master

Please Help Me To Know My True Path

Thank You-Thank You-Thank You

!!! Amen !!!
I found This Prayer at . For More Info, You can Check This resource. Thank You Raziel for Giving me a Chance for this.



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You can just contact Arzel (ARZ-ALE) and ask him to connect you to Raziel.

Arzel is one of the easiest angels to contact, just say his name a few times while focusing on him.

Then just ask him to help you out with the magick you’re gonna do and to contact Raziel.

Then just chant Raziel a few times, and you got him.


Raziel is an archangel he already knows you wanna communicate with him.
Like @anon20147451 said you need to contact Arzel who is an aspect of Raziel kinda like a gatekeeper.
Just let him know that you wanna communicate and or work with Raziel. Then you can communicate with Raziel
with this simple method.

Invision lighting coming down from the heavens and striking the top of your head and vibrate Raziel’s name
RAAAAAH-ZEEAAAAALE then imagine you sending that lightning that had struck the top of your head back to the heavens
like an email or something directly to Raziel. (repeat until you feel a strong connection)
Use this magick circle to connect with him directly

You can also connect to 72 other angels related to magick with this magick circle


what is the name of this circle please

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It’s called the Shem Talisman.


Could you please tell me how it works or how should one use it?

Its simpler to use the white: bounce (doll + (attack up into the cloud using your favorite method and then magic away.

I’ve got 7yrs in RHP stuff but I’ve always been curious about the LHP. Looking for mentor!!!

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Raziel is the daemon Ratziel. Not an archangel

How exactly did he respond to you? I have Damon Brands book on the 24 angels and he said you have to do the ritual for eleven days but most people might not hear or see Raziel, but still works in their favors. Me on the other hand, I’d really really like for him to speak with me directly. I’m not too comfortable with accepting the fact that I might not be able to. But I understand that practice makes perfect.

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That’s all I used to in order to call the Archangel Raphael. That mother fucker showed up fast!

Literally, by the time I was done with the incantation, I saw a flash off to the right side and I heard his voice in the back of my head. I literally told him that he scared the shit out of me. I’m fairly certain that it’s due to his nature as being a physician.

But still, you could have had an ambulance falling from the sky, and Raphael would have beaten it.


Oh wow, it seems like forever since I worked with Raziel. Long story short, I soon lost interest and moved on to other types of evocations. Good luck though!

How I’m I going to draw this circle or I will print the image?