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Greetings. firstly, i apologize to you for my weak English. I have joined this wonderful place today. I have a lot of questions on my mind, and i have few questions for experienced members. If you answered my questions clearly, i very grateful to you. Please stop my eternal curiosity :slight_smile:

1.I must perform a initiation or any special ritual before communicate the Lucifer? or a normal summoning is enough?
2.Can i communicate Lucifer for get to know him, asking questions or advises?
3.May you give me a proper summoning ritual?

Thanks for your attention.


Please find the introduction thread using the :mag: and post an introduction first thank you

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First of all, welcome! Please post an introduction in the intro thread here;Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Ok, you don’t need to perform an initiation ritual, you can just call on him. You probably won’t feel him too much if you have undeveloped astral senses. That’s means you won’t see or hear him, but he can hear you, so you can just talk to him either audibly or through your mind by thinking. You may also hear him telepathically through thoughts. I recommend this thread here after your intro and good luck! Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him


This place is full of info. Check the search feature and a lot of good info on Lucifer will come up.

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You don’t have to do initiation or anything like that , just evoke/call upon Lucifer … Since you probably don’t have your astral senses or third eye open then you won’t hear him or see him when you do evoke him ,.He ut his presence is very strong … It (for me) is very warm … Almost hot but not super hot … The air gets thick and you’ll get a little hot in your face and body…
For your second question I will say this , You can definatly do that … He just needs to get used to you and trust you … So he may not be like that automatically… Where he’s telling you everything and loving on you … (Yes he does that …if he really trusts you) . He will answer questions … He can lead you to websites , books , forus , etc. He can also give you mentorship if you ask for it.He will give advise as said above , and most likely as I said … Or he will tell you about other demons if they know more about something or would just would be better …
And last , you don’t need a ritual (if I haven’t said it)
I hope I helped you … If you have any other questions , let me know .

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