How do we build relationship with demons?

They are talking to us! Signs, feelings, dreams, hints and leading to what we need! Even songs sometimes popping up! Evoking/invoking and calling them helps the connection! Don’t hold your self back concerned with a reply! They will find a way to reach you as long as you are open to receiving. Talk to them as much as you can and work on your self.


Yeah they absolutely speak to us. And even if you can’t hear yet, they will still find ways to communicate with you.


i find that drawing their sigil brings you closer talk to them even if you cant hear they can hear you tho have no fear n stay open minded


I’d like to “revive” this post as I am having a similar question. Hope that’s ok, but if not, please let me know and I’ll make a separate post.

So, my question is:
1. How can I build a relationship with a demon I just recently contacted for the first time?

I can hear spirits when I tune in. So that’s not the part I’m concerned with. It’s more like, I don’t want to bother him, so almost daily evocation seems to be a bit too much… How can I show sincere interest without overwhelming myself and annoying the demon? How do you go about it?

2. If you’re after a rather short-term “deal” with a particular demon whom you never worked with before, is a form of relationship even necessary?

I figure it might be beneficial in some way, but if you really just want to get something done quickly, it seems a bit “counterproductive” :thinking:?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can shoot my way :slightly_smiling_face:


You will certainly not annoy or bother him if he feels like you truly need his help, and you don’t keep on repeating the same petition every time you contact him. From my experience, they know who is serious and who isn’t, but it is always very important and much appreciated to show respect to the spirit you want to work with, which brings me to your second question: A respectful and confident approach is definitely appropriate in any case regardless of the type or duration of your deal, whereas a closer relationship is not necessarily appropriate and will natrually develop over time in accordance with your and the spirit’s intentions and the “chemistry” between you.


That’s good to know. Thank you.
I haven’t explicitly asked that particular demon for help yet (but I sense that he already knows anyway :sweat_smile:). Just want to get to know him a bit better. Get a feeling for his presence and type of energy, if that makes sense.

I’d want to establish some sort of consistency and wonder how much/little is too much/little. I mean, when looking for a “human business partner” you would like to get to know him/her better too…

I definitely have to work on the confident approach aspect, but I think I know what you mean.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience @Lux_Tenebris!


Now I think this as more effort you put in, more trust you will get, if you know what you are doing, and you do :smiley:

Depends on what kinda relationship it is.

We can say whatever we want but experience is ultimately for you and you only.

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Well, I think I know what I’m doing :sweat_smile: But who knows… We shall see.

For a rather “urgent” type of deal I wouldn’t be necessarily looking for a relationship like the one one would have with a mentor.

Let’s say I would love to learn from King Paimon on an ongoing basis, so I want to establish a deeper connection with him. On the other hand, if I would be in need of a “quick money fix” and were about to ask Claunek for example, building a deeper relationship seems a bit odd. Do you know what I mean?


Yes,and yes to your question.One and only deals are a huge thing in magick.You can even see that people call succubuses/incubuses for one night stands.


You have basically found the answer to your question already, because if it feels odd to you, then you should go with your gut feeling. So in that case, it’s not necessary to try and establish anything beyond a respectful business-like relationship.


Here we go :sweat_smile:… Sometimes speaking out loud helps to clarify a few things for me. But feedback is also very helpful and much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!

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Got it :+1:t4: Thanks a lot!

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I think most of it has been covered, but I made a video ages ago just for this.


Thank you very much @UnseelieDiabolus! Yeah, that pretty much is how I feel about working with entities. Will probably give it a bit more time to get more confident approaching and working with them. Thanks again :+1:t4:


In regards to not repeating the same petition every time you contact them, I do talk to Marquise Orias ( aloud if home alone, mentally if someone is here) and just “shoot the breeze” with him, even tho I can’t hear him yet, I will sometimes feel his very nice, calming, and soothing presence, but I do make the same petition to him on a fairly regular basis simply because it hasn’t come to be yet. When he allows me to feel his presence, it’s always the same wonderful, soothing feeling, kinda like an opioid high. This has some relation to the petition, so I take it as a good sign that he likes me, or at least doesn’t dislike me and is willing to work with me and help me in obtaining the object of my main petition and foremost desire ( since I want to manipulate a specific target’s mind, thoughts, actions, beliefs, and behaviors without having to ask for it [it’s an awkward and touchy subject, but I’m not asking/petitioning for something fucked up or baneful, and since Marquise Orias specializes in getting people to do what you want them to do for you without asking, I figure he’s the one for the job, plus I do honestly want a good relationship, bond, connection and communication with him] ).

I’m always respectful, honest, and sincere with all demons I talk to ( no reason to be disrespectful and lie to them, and they can read you like a book anyway ), whether making a petition, calling on their power and authority when performing a working ( kinda like “name dropping” I guess, as well as to increase the power of the working ). I hope I’m not pissing him off, but I would think he’s cool with it, since whenever he allows me to feel his presence, whatever I’m doing ( making my petition or simply talking to him, telling him that he is always welcome with me, inviting him into my heart, body, soul, mind, life, dreams, and so on, asking him to please always be on my side because I will always be on his, simply conversing with him and being open to him and looking for signs he may give me, pretty much in all communication with him and any demon ). Sometimes I will ask Marquise Orias, and/or Crown Prince Lucifer, and/or King Paimon to be with me while I’m on my way to an appointment or something important to me ). I also ask them for a good relationship, bond, connection, open lines of communication, etc… Sometimes I will gaze at their sigils and repeat their enns or watch a video that shows their sigil and has 108 repetitions of their enn ( since, according to Vedic beliefs, there are 108 energy channels in the human body) and I will normally feel their presences while doing both of those things, whichever I’m doing at the time. I’m also thinking of contacting Dantalion soon because his name has been on my mind a lot for no apparent reason. In a way, I already have by listening to his song on @deathreeper thread of demonic songs and got some weird effects ( my eyelids kept wanting to close as I gazed at the onscreen sigil of Dantalion, and when I closed my eyes after my eyelids kept fluttering, my mind was filled with strange, random symbols and lines, with a closed eye visual of clouds near the end of the song. Also, from the first notes of the song, I felt a rush of emotions that would dart in one after another, but not negative emotions). I wonder if he was communicating with me and/or I was in some kind of trance.


Some of these comments are absolute BS. I’m not sure what you guys are on, but you need to put it down. Demons are not usually something to mess with, and if you happen to have no choice in the matter, you want to find one that is fond of you. No demon is going to sit there while you constantly invoke him, they have short tempers from my experience. Any demon that has a fondness of you, will ask to sort of “possess” you. But that fondness will create a respect for you and they will not try to take over, or gain full control of you. You have then gained a lot of knowledge, as well as power depending on the class. Theres no such thing as making a deal with a demon, that’s not how that works. There might be a certain class that can make deals, but the majority of them cannot. I suggest looking for a demon that is fond of you and willing to take asylum inside you. Theres no such thing as a “quick money fix”, it’s absolutely not possible. Demons are not like the movies, they’re not like what religion says, there are nice ones, and there are bad ones. Just like people, they vary and have their own personalities. Not just ANY demon is going to be fond of you, you need to find your own.


Before you start lecturing people who have considerable experience in magick @HydeFromJayde, perhaps you should properly introduce yourself as is required on this forum. Click the link below and tell us about yourself and your experience in magick:



Most of the demons I befriended were rekindled friendships from my true self life, the ones that weren’t became friends when they joined an etheric expedition with me and we came to this really bland etheric town full of humans who were kind of scared at first lol we bonded over building a little outpost there.


In many cases, firsthand experience working with demons, evocation, and getting solid results, so please be careful not to lecture from your own experiences, unless you’ve read some of the result people are getting here.

I’ll be sending you a PM shortly which has all kinds of info in, please take a look once it arrives. :+1:


Oof :hushed:

I would not mess with a demon either. Most people and entities will not stand a troll!
Some will put up with your human bullshit, as you said but, this is only because they have something to gain out of it.
Lucifer, Belial, and Baal, enjoy having me obtain power and knowledge. I think it’s like playing a video game,for them but instead of being Player 1 they are the code that put the perfect side quest or fellow player with you. So then you can accomplish the great goals you have set out and level up your character. :crown:🤷

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