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Good afternoon. New here had a lot of strange occurrences happen to me in my dreams regarding Lucifer that with a little googling brought me here. I am so interested to learn how to communicate with him and learn what he is trying to teach me.

For example a regular dream with him or what I perceive him to be. I am floating down a river in a canoe and there is a calming wave of heat passing through me. All around me is just beautiful woods and nature I arrive at a large section in the lake in the middle is a little island. I drive the boat and get off there is a man in a white t shirt and jeans he turns and looks at me and smiles. His eyes caught me off guard because he looked like James dean but with peircing yellow eyes and the warmest smile I’ve ever seen. He walked up to me at out his hand on my shoulder and I felt a such a wonderful feeling in my body then he says you will no longer feel trapped.

This is just a example if any one has a good place to start by trying to figure this out or. Help me contact him if other sports to start my journey I would greatly appreciate it.

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Also have a look at the other rules here.



I’m going to send you a method that may work well based on the imagery in this post. :+1:

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Thank you soo much😁

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