Help with King Paimon

I’ve been wanted to expand my spiritual powers for quite some time and i have heard that King Paimon is a very good mentor. I desperately wish to communicate with King Paimon but am unable to. If anyone has any tips specific to King Paimon it would be greatly appreciated. Or perhaps, if someone has had contact with him before, maybe they would be willing to send him my way :)?

Did you contact him?

His account got banned by the following reasons:

Complaints made by other members about abuse of trust, making fake accounts for ban evasion

I don’t think you’ll get any answer in the near future, for the member got suspended until Nov 23, 2230.

And a friendly reminder (but how I see, @DarkestKnight warned you already), please, introduce yourself below in the following Topic of the Forum before you made a new topic or comment:

Or make a new introduction post in this section [ New Magician Help & Introductions ]

This might help you: