First evocation

Hey all this is my first post here, a few days ago I tried my first evocation of Lord Lucifer, He made his presence known and WOW his energy is beautiful, we talked a bit and after i dismissed myself he stuck around until yesterday, where i meditated on him and through my breath he would enter me and he would breath me in and we started to become one together, it was amazing. He is still around off and on and i talk to him every half hour. Thoughts? What are you experiences with Lucifer? <3.


What kind of evocation you’ve used? Any sigil or/and offer? How u2 communicate? Ask him for a sign of some kind, just in case.


I watched EAs evocation, and since i didnt have any incense or offerings for the evocation I did a mental evocation in my room with his sigil in pen meditated heavily, and called his name, “Lucifer, O Lucifer come to me.” and just kept calling for him, After a little I felt his presence in the room it was amazing… I asked, he confirmed the sigil was open. and we mentally chatted back and forth, (am i supposed to physically hear him?) I went through with formalities and stated my intentions upon calling him forth, He said he can work with me as we get more familiar, I feel now he is testing me. Also when i communicate with spirits it is more so mentally rather than hearing a voice.

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The blood is considered a type of very powerful offering as it is your life. My first time I didn’t have anything but green cinnamon candles and it turns out pretty good as emerald is his color and he likes cinnamon incense.
You can hear physically but I guess it takes time, knowledge, experience… You know that feeling when someone calls your name in state between your dream phases? It’s the theta/gamma sync, so deep meditation is needed. You can feel him. Last time I’ve been deeply meditating on him, gazing his sigil. Out of nowhere I felt someone’s hand above my head. It was nicely warm and pleasant. And after that I felt hand touching my hair. It was real. Very real. So i guess everything’s possible. :blush:


Thank you!

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