There is a huge reason that the most powerful magicians are hiding... (JOURNAL 1)

Hail Belial. He is indeed tough, but extremely supportive despite circumstances being made unpleasant.
The interesting part, is that while things are falling apart, you can already sense and feel how down the road things will be rebuilt better than they were before.
Beelzebub and others are to thank personally for that.

Reading your journal hit home for me a lot, especially about the feeling of being lonely.

Most humans on this planet don’t understand this stuff, or even care to know about it.

I make music and weave the occult into my rap and business, and most people don’t understand me.

As you have come to conclusion, we can use the power to not be “lonely”, but are those connections real? How do you know the people and relationships you summon are real? Should you tell the loved ones you bring into your life you conjured them magically? lol

Ascension of the species. That is the mission and yeah sometimes it’s definitely lonely, but if it wasn’t lonely then that would mean you were living life in the herd and “normal”

I don’t want that either, so this is the price, so to speak, we pay to walk this path.

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I… am reminded of maxwell, but good luck.

Some things make sense, some I agree with others, but this is a journal, so good luck.


I agree with this. It’s not necessarily the person that is bad. Most of them are actually genuine people inside, but their vibes are not genuine. They are living for something they don’t truly believe in themselves. I should have specified.

Hate is whatever you define it to be and in my case hate is the opposite of unconditional love. I agree that toddlers do in fact attack other toddlers out of envy, but then we would have to investigate their background and upbringing, and what is going on at the house where they live. We could go even deeper and say that if you put two babies together in a room they will probably love and play with each other rather than attack each other. We should have an experiment. Anybody willing to let us examine your baby for a while? (JK lol) Children may love their abusive parents for a time until they emotionally mature and realize this kind of behavior is not right. This is where hatred begins to takeover and the lot of mental/physical issues that come with it.

I am interested in hearing your stories as I feel this would benefit my ascension. As always I cannot simply argue for one viewpoint at all times without knowledge of the other side.

I, too, believe in planet Earth. I love this place. But the future is not here. This place will be destroyed one day; it’s inevitable. You aren’t derailing anything. Please, write whatever your soul is urging you to write. I don’t converse with many intellectuals so this is a very pleasant experience for me. I will never shoot down your writings for I believe that would be ignorant and narcissistic. How dare I claim that my opinion is right and yours is wrong?

I like this statement better than your first. It’s more concise and agreeable for me. I still do not accept the fact that powerful magicians will reveal themselves simply because someone asks. And yet maybe they do. For I revealed that I practiced magick to some who asked, but I do not consider myself a powerful magician. Or do I?

I agree 100% with this statement. I will not argue that it is for protection alone. But for the sake of argument: if one is a powerful magician why be concerned of curses and baneful works against oneself? Shouldn’t one be able to protect oneself rather easily? And yet this is not the case I suppose.

How do you know anything is real? “I think therefore I am” is not a statement that I agree upon. If reality is subjective then how can we ever prove anything is real? I personally believe that any relationships, opportunities, and connections we obtain through magick are as real as the sun that shines. But how do I prove it?

Very good :raised_hands:t2: :raised_hands:t2: :raised_hands:t2: Well said.
We are never truly lonely in this path. If you believe that we are all part of the same Oneness called consciousness or God then we are never alone but always connected. Yet somehow the majority of people are missing these concepts thus causing the ones who understand them to feel alone. Such an interesting phenomenon. Very good.

I do not know of Maxwell but would love to be informed. Thank you for your kind wishes. This is my journal and therefore cannot be proven by anyone but myself, but I have a feeling these words will resonate with the lot of you later down the road.

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My children are two years apart, my younger brothers are 14 years younger than me and 9 months apart- so I witnessed their toddler years too…and I think nearly all parents with more than one toddler at time, no matter how great a parent they are, is going to disagree about this.

Agreed. Just like they’ll put a hand ontop of a hot burner on the stove- they don’t know.

No one can protect themselves easily if you got a person who put their life to curse you. You do not have the time or effort to waste on protection magick. The magician rather put effort on their goals instead of petty defense of other’s cursing them.

magick users don’t go around flaunting. they are careful who they tell. It’s called being cautious.

From your response, it seems your just making a bunch of excuses or wanting to understand by philosophizing. Instead of debate argument, Just focus on getting your magick geting results. Real magick users don’t care for other’s opinions or power. They care for results and talking about it don’t get results. They are practical focus.

Good luck on talking, pondering , and wondering instead of doing through experience which will answer all your questions.

Money is practically god of this world. I do love this perspective though and often think about it the way you do. But if you could easy switch or choose between being poor or rich, what would you pick?

You can easily be both. Any thoughts you cannot are pure delusion. Unfortunately, our own delusion can become reality if we allow it.

I never had to worry about my next meal, but I believe I am just as spiritually strong as one who has faced this dilemma. The secret is I am not attached to needing things like food (or I at least detach myself as much as possible from such worries). The bible is actually useful for things like this, like when Jesus says, “don’t worry about tomorrow or what you will eat/drink, etc”.

Buddhism also teaches one to detach him or herself from material possessions.

Great post.

If I wanted multiple sources of income, what should I do and who should I contact?

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And to add, economic with their time and energy, instead of fending off others who would disagree and argue against what can be practiced.

The first post in this thread is me talking about the results I’ve gotten through magick… I don’t need to understand anything. Trust me; I’m good over here. I’m going to proceed studying and getting the results I want. I come here to conversate with other intellectuals and tell of my experience and how I perceive the world… I don’t need to debate anything. I asked for a mentor as it would benefit my learning. In fact, you were the one to post on my thread debating that most skillful practitioners aren’t hiding… Why post on here at all if you yourself are saying to focus on getting results… Aren’t you wasting “petty” energy by typing the few sentences needed to respond? :roll_eyes:

Start by identifying your skillset and talents. Proceed to make a business. Call upon Belial, Halphas, and Bune to quickly build this business into an empire. There are also a ton of other entities you can call upon. I simply prefer working with demons.

My energy levels are through the roof so I could sit here and “debate” all day and still be fine. I shan’t lie though. I feel like an idiot debating my own journal to people who cannot experience my reality. What a waste of time indeed.


I have to say. Hearing all of what you saidd made me very sceptical at 1st , it was very difficult to believe that you could do any of things that you said. However I personally see @Lady_Eva As one of if not the most reliable practitioners on this site so I will defer to her on this. I will add on to that, that after reading the way that you write and talk you definitely exude a type of personality that fits with what you describe. Now on to the more selfish part of why writing this. My main goal in life is to become a successful musician. Right now, I envision that goal as being able to create music easily that is incredibly fun to listen to and using that to obtain a steady income. Once that happens I will probably be more focused on becoming famous But I have realised recently that I started doing music to become famous and that took all the fun out of it and made it hard to even start. The question I wanted to ask Is what is your view on people using magic to achieve a goal like that. I ask because I’m not doing magic for the sake of magic I am doing it with an end goal in mind and I don’t know if that is enough to get the power need to do what I want. At the end of the day even if you don’t respond to this, you have Benefited me with this post so I thank you very much.

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One of the major rules in magick is question everything and everyone. Never believe all that you see. Use your intuition to guide you to truth.

You are already on the path to reaching your goals. I am so very glad to hear that you understand setting a strong intention is the first step to magick and ritual. Your intention must be strong and concise. You have finished step one. Intention and detachment is ALL you need to reach a goal in magick. You don’t even need to use ritual honestly. You could technically sit there and visualize what it is you want in your mind’s eye and it would come to pass all the same. The point of ritual is to dramatize your intention and the magick itself so you feel as if you are actually doing magick. This adds a huge boost to your intention because, well, you are performing something that you THINK is going to work therefore it works.

I believe that you are going to be a strong magician and you will reach your goals. Maybe. I find that most musicians trying to make it into the music industry typically fail. And they fail for one reason only: surrender. They find it gets too hard or they keep failing over and over again thus causing them to give up on their dreams and themselves. It’s sad honestly.

My advice is this: you have the intention down pat. You wish to be making money from your music and want a little fame. Now it’s time to put your talents into action. Get in the studio and get creative. Make music that you enjoy. Then focus on marketing. Marketing is 95% of the work in the music industry. We have seen countless artists with little to no talent make it simply because they have excellent marketing. Market your music, and then petition Barbatos to have someone in power in the music industry take notice of you. He will bring this to pass but then it is up to you how you will take action with this person. You can do this. I believe.

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The very first thing I learned about magick pretty much was that intent is key and doubt is a killer. Im currently working on getting into a school that has a medical production degree so thats good. I will definitely have to research marketing.

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‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ are human made values! Maybe they do not exist in the spiritual world. And they change - like fashion. Just to give you an example: Worshipping several godesses and gods is regarded to be good in Pagan/Wicca traditions as well as in Hinduism or Shinto, but it is regarded to be evil in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I worship Lilith and that is good in the eys of witches or wiccan people but evil for christs. But Lilith does not care some little fanatic people that regard worshipping her to be evil. I wish you good luck on the path of witchery/magick. Hail to Lilith and blessed be!

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Magic and the occult are dangerous games to play. Keeping a low profile makes it less dangerous. Making a name of any kind for yourself invariably earns you enemies and ire of some stripe or other. The further you take it the more dangerous those get. Moreover it’s a distraction to personal advancement even when it’s not a hazard.

Hi, so when you, attempted your first evocation with the goetic system, were you able to experience manifestation your first time. I ask because I’m also, using the system By the book although my sword is constructed using the heptameron method, I’m not getting results would you know why this is. I think I might know why but, I rather get a second opinion on the matter.

I did not use Solomon’s full ritual as I do not have access to a bronze vessel, a lion, etc. I recited the invitation from the Ars Goetia multiple times. I asked Belial for a sign and then heard somebody walking on the building that I was in. Footsteps back and forth. Ritual is for dramatization. You can very much get the same results you’re seeking by putting in minimal effort (i.e. using only your mind).

The main problem when I first began was my disbelief. I didn’t fully believe a demon king would show up. That limited me immensely. That is the ultimate barrier.

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That was my method years ago, when I first started I followed ea koettings book evoking eternity. but that didn’t seem to work for me. I recorded over, 160 failed evocations during that time.

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