Questions re Lucifer

What are main correspondences/offerings?
Best and most direct way to contact him?
Besides revealing mysteries, what would you ask him?
What has he asked of you?


I made a somewhat similar post a few days ago. So, as for offerings, there is a variety.
For example, people told me of wine, poetry, roses, loyalty, respect, etc.
You should try to find what you would like to offer.

Best way to contact him should be calling his name (and using his sigil). You don’t have to use any kind of circle in my experience.

He can do pretty much everything. From teaching you all kinds of things and granting you knowledge to love matters and boosting your energy and your astral senses. He is a really powerful spirit indeed, you should ask him of what you need and I’m pretty sure he will say that he has the ability to make it happen. Also, his power is intense, so you will understand my point once you feel his energy.

At first it’s mostly what you want to give to him. For example, you must be very respectful since he is a powerful spirit and a king. Also, he wouldn’t want for people to slack off when he tries to teach them stuff. In time (sooner or later) he will tell you in which directions you need to improve and he will help you improve, even if it’s not that easy at first. Also, in my experience, just like king Paimon, he always comes when you call him even if you don’t feel his presence.

Try your best and good luck!

PS: if you need his sigil, you can find it fairly easy on Google, or in the forum.


He is pretty limitless as to the things he can do.
Best way to evoke him: I literally just prayed to him and he showed up. Now I chant his enn, have an offering, his seal, incense. No circle, nothing.
Offerings: wine, whiskey, dark chocolate- preferably with fruit filling. Last time he asked for a mounds bar lol.
I asked him for protection, to be my guide and teach me his ways. I asked him for something - I’m not comfortable disclosing- and he delivered asap. This is something that is impossible, if not something that requires alot of different things to align perfectly at the right time and he delivered.
What has he asked Me? Nothing. He shows me things he likes and I give them as offerings. I offer him friendship, praise and to speak the truth of how he has treated me.
Hail Lucifer!


@AradiaX Hi, I just read your other post where you said that the evocation with Lucifer was quit silent. I noticed the same thing. Although I think he is helping and he likes my music. That’s what i’m feeling.
How did you get a better connection. Just the prayer beside evocation?


@AradiaX my goal was almost the same to have him as a guide.


Honestly I didn’t expect him to show up considering I did no formal evocation. I prayed as I would to any deity and a few days later I went to take a nap and he pulled me up into the astral as I was relaxing. He made it VERY clear he was there and told me he was with me always. His presence was so strong and I remember how it felt - that’s what I look for when I evoke him now. He does speak to me telepathically but for the most part I just feel that same energy there even if not so strong. When he began speaking to me I thought I lost my mind but I would ask things I did not know the answer to and the answer came so quick that I would have had no time to make it up. So now I know what his voice sounds like. I would just suggest paying attention to the way you feel, what you hear, things that happen consistently. Then you’ll be able to pickup fairly quickly when he’s around.


I will add that I also told him that even if he chose not to help me that I still wanted to get to know him and create a friendship. So maybe, even though i asked him to show me kindness, if he didn’t it wouldn’t turn me from him and he knew it was true.


Wow very strong :slight_smile: Good advise. I had dreams to, only not that direct. I think in some cases he is testing me to.
And yes, in some cases you do or hear things that is not yourself. I did the evocation, but I will try the prayer to.


He will test you but he is so kind and understanding. I know for me, as he teaches me something it comes in a way I’m comfortable with. He makes me look at the things that hurt me and don’t serve me and face them. His ways are sometimes hard to understand but he takes care of his own :grinning:


Ask him for liberation and ascension


What about asking Lucifer for things you need and desire (mine is simply to keep getting my chronic pain meds, never get kicked off/dismissed as a patient, have my pain Dr increase my pain medications to a higher dose (the dose I was getting, as he has me on about half of my normal dose each month, and to basically have my Drs and prescribers see things my way). While I do need the medications I get, I admit that I also enjoy them. Is this something that may piss him off and cause him to not grant my desires or tell me to seek something else, or ignore me? Most of the research I have done seems to sat that Lucifer wants us to have and enjoy the things we like. Also, since everything I have researched about King Paimon says that King Paimon is obedient to Lucifer, which leads me to believe they work together. Will calling on, praying to, and reaching out to both piss them off and cause them to ignore me or cause effects I don’t like, or is it okay to work with both entities? I also plan on asking them for knowledge, assistance, and a working relationship. Can I just pray to them, wording the prayer as I like and telling them what I would like and asking what they would like in return (while having offerings to both)? Thanks to any who answer.


You can ask them what you wish and they will answer you, so just do it. Also, it’s okay to work with more than one spirit at the same time. They can help you I believe.
As for your request, as I said, ask them if they want to do it.

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I make wine (good wine that has a higher ABV content and, in my and others’ opinions, tastes better than much of the store bought wine, even the expensive stuff. The batch I have working now will be ready about Thanks Giving day. I plan on using some of my delicious home made wine, plus some nice Lindor/Lindt imported chocolate as my offerings when I pray and reach out to King Paimon and Prince Lucifer. I also plan on toasting them with a glass I bring into my room for myself after the prayer (kinda like we are having a drink on it. I will drink mine and pour their offerings on the lawn the following day). I think, or I hope, that some good wine I actually make myself will be well received by them, since it’s something I put effort into creating.
Sometimes I also just talk to them when I’m alone at home. I feel bad for them in a way, being made out to be the bad guy (I know what that’s like) and it feels like I almost want to apologize to them on behalf of humanity for how they have been unfairly portrayed to the world because of the Abrahamic religions. It may sound dumb to a lot of people but that’s how I feel about them. When I think of them, I think of love and acceptance, not the “evil” bullshit people talk about them.