Calling for guidance to begin my path

I really need some help with being pointed in the right direction to being my path with the Almighty Satan. I have a good idea but would love to find my place with all of you here. Teach me, guide me, and allow me to become as the website says my own God. I am still very much so blinded by what the masses believe what this all is and would love for someone out there to help me shed all that bullshit and fear. I’m reaching my hand out hoping someone’s claw will grab it in return so that I myself may too earn my “claws”.


Let us begin by guiding you to make a proper introduction here.

As it’s one of the rules of the forum, please take a moment to look the rest of them over as well thanks.

Now, i recommend you start with the works of Anton LaVey and live his type of satanism for six months to a year as that is a good way to purge fear and guilt from your system also it forces you to question what you believe and why, which is a good thing to do from time to time, once that period is over you can then decide whether to stay on that path or begin another, or don’t, the choice is as always yours alone to make, either way welcome to the forum. And Hail Satan and all that. :wink::smiling_imp:

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First, face the ugliest truth of yourself, that thing you’d NEVER admit to anyone, and the simple thought of it, makes you kinda want to die (no you don’t have to tell anyone), but you MUST confront it, and own it. Either make it part of you, let it destroy you, or eliminate that aspect of your being, your choice there, making decisions for yourself, and critical thinking are key, as well as intense introspection, and constant analysis, make your brain feel like it wants to explode, keep working through it, Keep digging till the nails, and fingers, break from your hands (figuratively speaking). Never get complacent with what you know, and remember “magick” (I hate that word) is simply a term used to describe science we don’t fully understand, in this context, how consciousness affects energy/matter. Duality has always been a lie, there’s no such thing as death, and we’re the imagination of ourselves, thus Gods. try creating more than just scattered scenarios in your head, make a complete planet, with physical laws, a dynamic biosphere, and mechanisms to allow that biosphere to exist.

Your only limitation is your imagination. To paraphrase Albert Einstein: “All things are theoretically possible, until proven otherwise, according to the scientific method.” Eventually (if we make it that far), science, by it’s nature, will discover the truth.


Satanic Compassion is compassion for the individual against the idea of a world that does not care for you.

Your world is your birthright, it bends to your will if you know your true place.

Know what you want to become, and work towards that. Allow no one to limit what you can become.

Ascension is your birthright, become more and expand yourself in every way conceivable.

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Thank you so much this was very thought out and well put I am so glad there are people willing to help.

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Welcome @Madman you will be fine. It takes some time, research and practice but everyone here is very helpful and will help put things into perspective so you can grow into your path, and earn your “claws”. :blush:

@ Madman: Any time man, It’s about time to silence The Usurper, and the only way to do that, is through self awareness, self reliance, and self empowerment. We are the Gods of our own respective realities, it just so happens, realities can be shared.