Looking at the auras of trees is very effective and the sky even starts pulsating over time

On a clear day look at the space between the edge of a tree and the sky and if you are psychically attuned you may see an area that looks different to the sky, usually brighter. It’s similar to staring at a point for long periods of time. In your peripheral vision you can see the rest of the tree also glowing and you can switch from one tree to another. The tree is much more connected to the Earth obviously that any person is and it is much more still.

I’ve been doing this for years, but something new started happening. My eyes were looking at the area between the tree and the sky and I was staring further that that still, like looking into a crystal ball. I started seeing what appeared to be clouds, but there weren’t any. Then the sky started pulsating and moving. I’ve never taken an interest in the sky itself before, but maybe I was looking at the aura of the Earth or something.

When you see that area that is colored differently to the sky stare at it and observe the rest of the aura with your peripheral vision and focus on it seeing it grow and move and eventually the sky starts moving as well. It is a hallucination that doesn’t require drugs. You may even see bright specs of light.

My eyes were strained afterwards so it can only be done for short amounts of time.


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You might be seeing the qi of the trees. Try it with a dead tree to confirm.