Astral senses development exercise

Hi @Lady_Eva…Could you please send me the link too if it’s not much of a trouble to you. Thank you.

Hi @Lady_Eva I’m really interested, could you send send me the tutorial?

Hi Lady Eva could you please send me a copy of the tutorial on core shamanism.

Meditate on this everyday

correct me if i missunderstand but it’s a bit of a tutorial on meditation?
can you send this to me too please?

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can you send me this tutorial,please? if it isn’t late too much.

I’d like that tutorial too, @Lady_Eva. Thank you! <3

im sorry @Lady_Eva but can i ask u the tutorial?.
thank you very much

Would really appreciate it if you sent me the tutorial please. Thanks

Hi, Lady_Eva I would really love this tutorial also, thank you!

Can you send the tutorial please

Hi lady_Eva can also get the tutorial.

Hi @Lady_Eva, if it is not too much to ask, may i please have the astral senses development tutorial too?

Thank you in advance😘

May I get that tutorial too, please?

I could have sworn this thread got closed lol y’all be keeping Lady_Eva buss, the tutorial works pretty good I haven’t done it for a long time but it worked nice, hmm I was trying to figure out what I should o tonight work wise would be hella cool to go chill with the animal homies.

me too please!

Hello @Lady_Eva,

Please share tutorial with me too.


Do you mind sending me the tutorial as well?

Dear Lady Eva,

Greetings from London,

May I request you to please send me the tutorial of the Astral Senses exercise that you mentioned.

Thank you