Information on Belphegor

After doing research into a few different Ancients, I settled on Belphegor as the right Deity for me to invoke and make a pact with.

There is very little information available on Belphegor, so I would kindly request if any of you have any info you could share.

A couple interesting facts I did come across:
-it is considered that you should invoke Belphegor while on the toilet passing stool
-whereas most demon pacts want a blood sacrifice, want you to draw the sigil or sign your name with blood, Belphegor prefers you to do this with your own stool

I did find a picture of his sigil as well as 10 different evocation mantras, so if you guys would like, let me know and I’ll post them here in this thread.


Welcome to the forum, @Belphegor, Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


Thank you, I’ll post my introduction on there now.

Oh man! I have some serious Belphegor info for you! I asked who my patron demon was and he revealed himself to me. It is pretty crazy how the whole thing unfolded. But I will say he really loves sexual offerings of any kind. I would never use stool, I feel like that information has been made up by the christians. They depict him as the demon of ‘sloth’ which is untrue. Belphegor is the Ancient Canaanite God Baal-Peor, not THE BAAL, which is know as the ancient Canaanite god Baal Hadad. Baal meaning ‘lord’. Peor was a location in the ancient area Belphegor was God of. ‘Dragon of the two flames’ has very good information on Ancient Canaan and all the deities. Belphegor suggested I buy it for the most accurate discription of him and the other ancient Canaanite gods.

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He is also VERY attractive.

How does he look? How did he manifest to you? You got a photo or a drawing of any actor/model he looks like?

Is there a sigil?

He is muscular with tan skin and dark eyes and beard he has horns. He also can shapeshift into a female I have heard. He also take the form of a goblin, tall dark shadow with horns. Also for me he has came as a man that is wearing ancient Egyptian clothing with a hat of lower and upper Egypt, which I now know to be from ancient Canaan, because the cultures merged so the clothing was very similar. ‘Dragon of the two flames’ I looked in the book and right before my eyes was the exact 2 illustrations of what Belphegor came to me as. So it was obvious it was him from many years ago and currently.

Can you please send my how to make pact with him

Have you evoked him before? I would evoke Belphegor before you decide to make a pact with him. He seems particular on who he chooses to work with.

You can find very detailed information on

Also, The Covenant of Belphegor is one of the 11 rituals for solitary initiation and self dedication into the Current 218.