First evocation King Paimon, Activated Heart Chakra?

Hello I am very new here, I’m excited to learn so much.
Over the past couple of weeks I out of the blue started thinking about demons. I’ve been a studying witchcraft for about a year now. I receive messages and symbols from the astral planes occasionally when I sleep that answer my many questions. Suddenly I had a dream about King Paimon before knowing anything about him. I was shown symbols that connected with him. Today I felt enough confidence to try to connect with him after doing much research.
I see now that I wasn’t prepared for the amount of energy he would bring and I am getting tingles as I type this out. One thing that really impacted me was my heart chakra was in overdrive. My heart center heated up much like how it does before I astral travel. I felt like I was being supercharged. This was too much for me and I had to break the connection and thank King Paimon.
I consulted an oracle deck of crystals asking if he had activated my heart chakra and pulled “rose quartz” so, a confirmation.
I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? I know I have trouble with my heart chakra and I’ve been trying to figure out how to go about it.
Thank you!


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Great work! Thanks for sharing!

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