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Death to the Harkonnen, dessert mouse

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Yeah, maybe you need a shaman . . .

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Or a tilaxsu facedancer

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Or even someone to evoke or cast for me

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Someone to keep you safe while you drink the water of life . . .

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Why? Fear? Fear is the mind killer…

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LSD, my dude! There’s gotta be a lot of it out in Vegas.

Never done it, I don’t know, don’t want to either

The Water of Life?
It’s not for everyone.

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Thanks anyways, how are you tonight my friend?

You’re just a young whipper snapper! I’m told I’l be fifty-seven in July.

P.s. I fucking hate being a mommy’s boy Cancer. I have the Moon heavily represented in my horoscope. Plus, I’m homosexual in everything - except my sexuality.

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@Uncle-Al you’re an old fart🤣
I’m only 55🤣

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Ok maybe I’m old or shouldn’t be using my phone.

I’m Raven rather new. Working on clearing up my sh*t by almost any means necessary :grin:. I’m working on self mastery, clearing past traumas and bad decisions and understanding myself on a deeper level. No specific path, don’t want to lock myself in. Currently working on the draconian path. Learning mandarin is my new thing. But I’m here to learn and grow and maybe meet some cool peeps​:sunglasses:.

@Lady_Eva are there courses, classes, or traning. I know this all is self service, and search and find, or ask and answer, but is there a guide, guideline to becoming better. Sadly I’m so new to this I am still thinking I should have a wand.



You are super new to Magick right?

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Welcome @ravenheka It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, and this is not the proper place. Please click the link to the correct place below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, etc:


Old people (like you) shouldn’t be mixed up in this sort of thing. You’re a child of the 1960’s. All of your cultural references mean nothing to the young, because you’re a has-been already. And the sooner this forum bans people over than age of sixteen and devotes itself exclusively to Love/Sex Magick the fucking better. I’ve had a complete bloody gut full of decrepit, age weary practitioners who somehow feels it’s their withered duty to try and educate newer Magicians. I mean, who the fuck do they think they are?



I am, still struggling to wrap my head around things.

Thanks, PM me when ever, I have muted this topic so I won’t receive new notifications.

And their ‘music’. :rofl:

Tonight on the Ed Sullivan Show! Lil Xan and The Flobots! (Wait; do kids still listen to The Flobots?)