Glasya-Labolas for Baneful Magick

i tried working with a number of demons in the book but to no avail. Did you achieve any success? which of the three methods did you adopt? how did you achieve your success?

I used the second method. I read it through a few times, then made notes. Had the sigil in front of me and the ‘call’ written in large on an A4 size paper next to it. My notes were in a book next to that. The most important thing to achieve is the consciousness change- I didn’t rush that, I let it happen as much as I felt it could. I felt a cold movement of air on the back of my legs which I took as a sign that Glasya-Labolas was present and spoke as normally as possible. The result (which I only discovered recently)was surprising and satisfying. It wasn’t the literal thing I’d asked for but extraordinarily different.


ok Bro/Sister thank you for your time. What other book, sources do you find practically potent in seeking revenge on an enemy…I have been harmed terribly…i have sought the expertise of commerical sorcerers but achieved nothing. please help.

how long did it take for result to manifest?

my only true experience is the literal vibration through my body when i called on the four archangels for protection before embarking on the master ritual.

please help…i need to seek revenge…the enemy might be cooking another spell.

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It must have been about two weeks I think. I heard about it in casual conversation with a friend several weeks later. With regards to your problem, I would advise some kind of protection- something like the Bornless Ritual. It is very effective, especially done each night. G Winterfield’s other book ‘Angels of Wrath’ is another avenue worth exploring.


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@gorhook where do i find the real bornless ritual guide? thank you sir/madam…

Alistair Crowley’s Liber Semkah is where you will find the “real” Bornless One ritual. I’m sure there are also versions available on the internet as well.

It is a prayer that is used to achieve the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel and to awaken the Divine within.

The true original is an exorcism and invocation of the “Headless One,” derived from the Greek Magical Papyri and the Stele of Jeu and can be found in PGM V 96-172.


Should i draw his sigil on the photo of the target? In baneful magic i am a beginner. I only used it when needed

Sure, here’s one way you can go about it.

Draw his sigil over the face of the victim then open it like you would any other sigil, begin calling him either by using his enn Elan tepar secore on ca Glasya-Lobolas or by saying something like "Glasya-Labolas, I summon you forth to murder (victim’s name.) Do that until you see/feel the sigil opening then hold your right hand over the photo and begin chanting this Incantation or whatever one happens to feel right to you.

“I’chalaz Itz’rechel

Ahn’tal Ah’tan’tel


Me Vaskalla Pert’ent’itzu”

Bring an image to your mind of the x person in the photo dead (don’t see it as a series of events but as the victim dead. I have found when doing it this way it’s best to do it a few nights in a row, anyway from 3 to 9 days depending on how i’m feeling, keeping the photo in darkness when i’m not using it (a shoebox in the closet, someplace where no natural light shines on it. On the last night burn the photo give a thank you to Glasya-Labolas and end it by saying something like My enemy (victim’s name) is dead, so it is done.

Then go about your business knowing Glasya-Labolas is about to take a big painful bite out of your enemies.


You’re awesome!! Thanks a lot for your help.

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thank you


Glasya Labolas came i to my life 3 weeks ago as a very good friend. May i suggest you befriend this Wonderful God, he has 2 sides that ive seen Friendship and Ultimate Revenge.
He is like a Big brother.
Go to him as a friend seeking such.
Just my thoughts :))


Can the “picture” of the target be a profile pic or avatar, and could we use our phone if the picture of them is displayed as the only thing on our screen (such as on the screen) and could we use one of their usernames instead of the name and they go by IRL? Or would I have to print that stuff out in order to draw his sigil over them and burn them?

I gave him permission to see my images within my mind as i created a much closer relationship with him but ye that will work in my opinion a small pic holding a picture in your mind

He can eliminate a person who is threatening me and my daughter,i need help with this.

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I don’t mean to sound horribly morbid, but have you ever done this successfully? I mean, did it work for you? I’ve been trying to call Glasya-Labolas about someone, but it’s been months and nothing. I was thinking of changing my approach.

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Sure, although it’s better to burn or otherwise get rid of most items used in baneful works so you’re attention is not constantly drawn back to the ritual and by extension the intended victim, same reason that if it’s an online thing you stop going to the platform their using for a few days/weeks so that the ritual can do it’s thing without possible interference from you.

Welp, not meaning to sound equally horribly psychopathic or immodest, yes several times. But if you’re obsessing over the fate of a target of a curse from an evocation then i recommend learning the arts of vampirism and astral attack. Both extremely effective and complimentary to the games we play.


Cool. Not obsessing, just checking in every now and then. Curious about vampirism and astral attacks, though. Any good sources? I’ve got a book on qigong that covers something similar.

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